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Pretty Woman Reviews

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Average customer review: 2.5 star rating (2.7 Stars)

Number of reviews: 66



5.0 star rating Rita Clark from OFallon, Missouri


My husband husband and I really enjoyed the play. No...she is not Julia Roberts. No...he is not Richard Gere. Who is?? It took a little while to like the male lead but we got into to play and accepted his role. We liked his voice and the songs he sang. The next day we were both putting up the play's songs on Google. We felt like the play told the story well...even with a couple changes. The dancing scenes were good and the comedy thrown in kept it lively. My husband and I are at a loss reading so many negative reviews. Each to their own responses about the play...but..we have to say...we loved it. It was a great way to start our Broadway Season package.

5.0 star rating GYA from St. Louis, Missouri


My husband and I really thought it was a great adaptation of the movie. Great diversity, wonderful set, scenery and fun dance routines.

5.0 star rating Steve from Rochester, New York


So much talent and what a cast, didnt know what to expect but was pleasantly surprised. The leads were great but its everything and everybody else that were unexpected treasures. Yes and that song is there, just dont run out to your car at the end or you will miss it. Loved it , loved it. In these depressing times this is a much needed uplifting musical comedy. A great escape. Thank you

5.0 star rating Tamika from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


We enjoyed every minute of this show; the singing, the dancing, the movement on stage! I’m surprised there isn’t more mention of the opera singers— WOW!

5.0 star rating N E from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


What an amazing show! Awesome voices! Great outfits and songs and dances! Loved every minute of it! Thanks to the entire staff for an great night out in Philadelphia!

5.0 star rating Stephanie Ellis from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


We had the privilege of seeing Pretty Woman the Musical on the closing day. The cast did a great job and left it all on the stage. We appreciate that the arts have returned during such a difficult time and that these artists are committed to their craft to travel this show across the country. So great to Adam Pascal in another great show. I was fortunate to see him in Rent and Aida on Broadway. Well done and thank you cast, crew and Kimmel Center staff for the magic of live performance!

5.0 star rating Maryanne Curran from Bridgeville, Pennsylvania


It was a great show. I was so happen to see Adam Pascal as Edward. I had seen him in Elton John’s Aida on Broadway and he was great in that, too! Vivian’s moves and lines were spot on. Great music, too. I’d go again in a heartbeat!

5.0 star rating Lisa from Charlotte, North Carolina


I took my granddaughter and we both loved it. Neither of us have seen the movie. I did know the premise of the story, she did not. The talent was phenomenal. It left us wanting to see an opera and to actually see the movie. We both agreed this is the best show we have seen. Love, love, love!

5.0 star rating Bonnie from Hartford, Connecticut


Fantastic show. Would go again in a heartbeat

5.0 star rating April Just April from Fort Lauderdale, Florida


What a fantastic performance. The acting was on point, and the singing was out of this world, incredibly entertaining and funny. It was just like the quote from Pretty Woman. Vivian: “It was so good, I almost peed my pants!” Edward: “She said she liked it better than Pirates of Penzance.”

5.0 star rating Michael Coogan from Los Angeles, California


The performance did not disappoint! Very distracting when guests are still being seated after both scenes had started

5.0 star rating Johnnie from Greensboro, North Carolina


I thought movie was great, get so bored with all musical plays. This was a dual play with alittle acting and musical. It was just great. Easy to follow unlike Hamilton and other musical plays.

5.0 star rating Rita Andrada from Fayetteville, Arkansas


I was pleasantly surprised by this touring broadway musical, and I have seen many shows on Broadway and on tour. This is one of my all time favorite of all of the shows I have ever seen. The cast, the transitions, the adaptation, the choreography, and the music were all wonderful. It was really a fun show that was so uplifting and feel good that was missing from the movie. The show I saw had an understudy named, Natalie Bourgeois, playing Vivian who was absolutely fabulous. She had the singing chops, and the acting and dance skills to bring a wonderful fresh new life to her character. What a performance. The whole ensemble was really good and the opera singer, Happy Man, and Kit really stood out. I highly encourage everyone to see this really fun and awesome show while it is still on tour.

5.0 star rating J. Miller from Austin, Texas


I am not the biggest fan of Musicals. I thoroughly enjoyed the show. It was very entertaining from beginning to end. I loved the humor that was sprinkled in. Highly recommend going to see it.

5.0 star rating Dail Bass from Wilmington, North Carolina


I was pleasantly surprised by this presentation. Great acting great music great play!

5.0 star rating Rick from Wilmington, North Carolina


Very enjoyable night and really enjoyed the over all performance with one request. The music over powered the voice during some of the show. Will be back to see more performances in the future.

5.0 star rating Amy Nafus from Albuquerque, New Mexico


I absolutely loved this musical. Such talent and true to the movie. It was my favorite show at Pope Joy so far! It fills your heart with happiness and makes you smile. Outstanding performance.

5.0 star rating Mary from Chicago, Illinois


What a great afternoon and performance! I attend many musicals here and in NYC and I relished this performance! The cast was so talented, the score was terrific and there was even a bit of opera. If you love a rousing musical, this is for you!

4.0 star rating Susan from Providence, Rhode Island


I especially liked the male dancers and a nice surprise was the opera singing-sets were very nice-male lead Adam Pascal was wrong for the lead-sounded too much like Neil Diamond

4.0 star rating Chris from Buffalo, New York


Last night a group of us went to see the musical. When you take an iconic movie there are bound to be plus and minuses. They stayed pretty true to the move, some songs a bit long and unnecessary. Vivian did a good job but just didn’t come across as lovable. Her iconic lines were rushed and over the top! Adam did a great job capturing the essence of Edward. Supporting cast amazing. Not a weak link. I would see it again.

4.0 star rating Russell and Robin Brown from Greenville, South Carolina


I wondered how they would transform the movie into a play and I wasn't disappointed. The music was great and the dancers did a fine job, but Happy Man, (Kyle Parker), and Violetta, ( Amma Osei), stole the Show. I was really surprised to see some of the negative reviews. We have been going to the Peace Center for years, and this was one of the better shows we have been to.

4.0 star rating BarneyFife from Tulsa, Oklahoma


What a pleasant surprise. Expanded story wasn’t tedious or boring. Happy Man, Bernard Thompson & more was fantastic!! Young bell hop played his sight gags well & his facial expressions were better than the movie. Recommend it throughly for a fun, fun time at a Broadway Show! Was it a great production, no, yet extremely enjoyable. Don’t miss it!!

4.0 star rating Vivian from Montreal, Quebec


I attended PRETTY WOMAN THE MUSICAL in Montreal last night. Perhaps I had an advantage, knowing ahead of time that the musical score to tell the story of the show was written by our own Bryan Adams and his co-writer, which in itself made me feel proud to be Canadian. It would appear that much of the audience was expecting the soundtrack from PRETTY WOMAN, the movie, which in this case would not tell a story, they were just great songs. I thoroughly enjoyed the performance in every way, the actors, the choreography, the songs, etc. I laughed, I cried at the end, especially during the show ending number of yes…Roy Orbison’s Pretty Woman. It saddens me that people are unable to put forth their opinions in a constructive and respectful manner. Everyone is entitled to share their thoughts, the difference is how you choose to deliver them. Is it so difficult to be a kind human being?

3.0 star rating Disappointed from St. Louis, Missouri


What happened to the theme song???? Ruined it for me....just threw it in at the end while everyone was leaving and it was awful. Loved the opera singers!! Vivian's role was too over the top...not at all like the movie. It was entertaining but was disappointed.

3.0 star rating Laurie from Boston, Massachusetts


First of all I think trying to create a musical based on such an iconic and ridiculously well-loved movie ESPECIALLY one starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere was going to be an enormous feat. And set up to fail on a certain level through no fault of the actors'. With that being said here's my review. The actors and actresses voices were wonderful. Very talented in that respect. The acting itself was both good and mediocre at different times. I agree with another reviewer that it took me a bit to warm up to Edward but I found myself really liking him and his unconventional rasy voice. Vivian on the other hand was a character I really couldn't connect with. Her lines seems forced and somewhat unnatural. Which was really tough for me as she is my FAVORITE character in the movie. Although certainly musically talented, she just didn't deliver a believable performance in most scenes. Although, I am sure there is an element of bias in my review. I would not want to be silently compared to Julia Roberts. A I was also disappointed that a couple of iconic scenes in the movie were replaced with more socially accepted concepts. I certainly agree with the reasons behind the changes but disappointed nonetheless to see the original scenes missing or changed. The musical additions and dance numbers were fine. I certainly wasn't expecting the musical to be exactly like the movie itsel; I attend these shows because of my love for the theater. Overall, enjoyable but that was also because I was enjoying the experience with my family. I applaud the actors for taking this project on and my hope is the characters grow into their roles more so with time.

3.0 star rating Dawn McCrary from Madison, Wisconsin


A fun mindless play. The audio was sooo loud it was hard to enjoy. Some of the softer songs were loud enough for the whole play. It was also hard to listen to “Edwards” song as he has a real country sound to his voice. Didn’t really blend well with “Vivian’s.”

3.0 star rating RCN from Ottawa, Ontario


Unfortunately, not an outstanding performance (November 17/22 Ottawa) which was largely unbalanced and lacking in terms of character portrayal and delivery. At times some scenes came across like a high school play and for $300 for two orchestra seats, value for entertainment was questionable, there’s certainly room for improvement. I had to ask myself did I miss something when the finale brought the full house audience to a standing ovation. Sadly, the two main actors for Vivian and Edward just didn’t get past two-dimensional characters delivering lines, unconvincingly and without the emotion the scene demanded and the fuller portrayal of their characters. As for their singing voices, Edward admittedly with a fine vocal range, was often just too loud and overbearing. On the other hand, Vivian’s musical voice was at times frail, lacking projection and timbre and her speaking lines delivered without much in-character emotion. By contrast, the supporting actors with significant theatrical stage experience brought life to the plot and stood out in their performances. Noteworthy, Kit’s performance was excellent, she was immersed in the character, and she raised the bar on how the part should be acted in this romantic comedy. Kudos for set designs, blocking and scene changes, the lively chorus ensemble and supporting cast, musicians, and costumes. The Adams/Vallace musical score was presented by a tight, small combo group, and I could hear audible echoes of the writing duo’s top pop compositions, motifs, and chord progressions in various bars of the songs.

3.0 star rating Patricia Wornom from San Antonio, Texas


Hard to recreate such an iconic film. I did not care for the expanded story of Kit. I felt the actor portraying Edward did not fit the character. Not a bad actor or singer, just not a good fit. His singing voice was all wrong for the character. Sounded more like he would be with a band or a country singer. I enjoyed the actors playing the hotel manager and main bellboy. Playing the theme song at the end of the show was a disappointment.

3.0 star rating Sue from Vancouver, British Columbia


It was just ok. Like other reviewers, high school production at best. The set was underwhelming. Lead performances completely lacked chemistry....instead they were going through the motions. The connection and passion what was supposed to bring them together was completely lacking. The actor's who played Kit and the narrator - outstanding. Multiple comments that the women who played Kit should have been cast for Vivian's role. It was, just, ok.

2.0 star rating NDub from Detroit, Michigan


I didn't have high hopes for this in the first place. Maybe I don't understand the appeal of reimagining a 90's romcom into a 2 hour musical. But good grief, I needed some wine and crackers to go along with the sheer CHEESINESS of this thing. The acting was so overblown and over the top, it felt like a play for children. Olivia Valli's portrayal was so obnoxious and over the top, it was completely unbelievable that she had charm enough to win the affections of anyone, let alone a billionaire. The movie worked because even though the 2 main characters were from opposites sides of the tracks, there was a something endearing about both of them that allowed them to fall for each other. I never would have imagined that these rolls required any kind of gravitas to pull off, but apparently they do because the absence of it is on full display on this production. The 2 stars are for Amma Osei's voice. Amazing.

2.0 star rating Tina from St. Louis, Missouri


Pretty Woman is my all time favorite movie. I just could not get into the show, the actress who played Vivian was too over the top. My husband and I left at intermission. It was also distracting having the ushers walking up and down the aisles during the show with paddles saying wear your mask.

2.0 star rating Kimberly G from St. Louis, Missouri


Bored 😴 not at all what I was expecting...

2.0 star rating Disappointed Customer from Minneapolis, Minnesota


The set was poor. High school production has better set. Vivian was a little over the top. Her voice was mediocre. Country song?! Really? Kit had a phenomenal voice. Opera was awe-inspiring. Just wasn’t worth the time and money spent. Disappointing.

2.0 star rating from Minneapolis, Minnesota


The supporting cast was great, the set was great but I just could not get over Vivian's over the top and plain out bad acting. It was hard to enjoy the show when the main character was obnoxious and not at all charming. The Kit character was great and so were so many other roles. The music was meh not horrible but nothing that move me.

2.0 star rating Michelle P from Charlotte, North Carolina


Oh my…such a disappointment. Sure, she’s not Julia Roberts, and he’s not Richard Gere…I get it. Those are big shoes to fill, but there’s no chemistry between Edward and Vivian on this set. Kit’s role is well done as is the hotel manager. Some beautiful voices, but beautiful voices can’t fill the chemistry void. Take a pass on this one…pop some corn and watch the iconic movie in the comfort of your home for free!

2.0 star rating Diana Alon from Los Angeles


Did not enjoy the show at all the cast is horrible the costumes are poor very disappointed with the main characters. No charisma or chemistry

2.0 star rating Janelle Stricker from San Diego, California


Honestly, I didn’t have high expectations for the show and I was definitely not let down. I tried really hard to connect and allow myself to be carried away, but found myself wishing I could play a game on my phone. I love musical theatre and we have season tickets, we left at intermission, which I have never done before. The woman playing Vivian was so obnoxious and over the top I just couldn’t take it. Her acting was poor and she was stepping all over the most iconic lines(&punchlines) from the movie. And the songs were (yawn) so ugh…I just can’t. I am sorry I missed the opera singer as it seems she was great. I also thought the actress that played Kit was doing well with what she was given. The stars are for her and for the hotel staff that had to keep performing silly antics to keep people engaged.

2.0 star rating Kathy Metcalf from San Diego, California


Amma Osei was terrific! Her voice- nothing short of amazing!!!!! The rest- honestly, I was bored.

2.0 star rating An avid theater goer from Denver, Colorado


Music very disappointing. Nothing memorable. The lyrics took away from the subtle, tender feelings of the characters. Has very little of the charm of the original movie. Actor playing Edward very weak, milk toast & no sparks with leading lady. The bottom line, nothing comes close to the movie.

2.0 star rating Lisa Folsom from Edwards Colorado


unfortunately this was one of the worst shows I’ve ever seen. it followed the movie so closely that my girlfriends and I were sitting there repeating the lyrics Word for Word and then suddenly they would break into song that was less than impressive. the adaptation from movie to stage simply does not work. had I not been enjoying the time visiting with some friends I may have simply walked out at intermission because it was so disappointing.

2.0 star rating Meg from Tulsa, Oklahoma


I was so excited for this show. Kit rocks the house... But that's the only good thing I can say. The sound seemed off tonight.

2.0 star rating Lou from Vancouver, British Columbia


Thoroughly disappointed with the show. Hard to follow along..even though I have seen the movie several times. Male singer struggled reaching the high notes

2.0 star rating Jeanette from Calgary


I loved the movie thirty years ago, but felt the theme was really dated in today's society. Making light of a person on the street was now offensive to me. And a woman waiting for a prince was just embarrassing. In general I just found the play boring. Only Julia Roberts could pull off the funny Vivian. The songs were not catchy.

2.0 star rating Vickor from Sarasota, Florida


A pale shadow of the film upon which it is based. Instead of being the "pretty" Vivian Ward, Ellie Baker is neither beautiful nor a good vocalist. Other leading players acted and sang good. The gaudy and cheap-looking set, the stage itself often feels empty, both of people and compelling content. The actors sing to a soundtrack; I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out that the songs themselves are also a soundtrack.

2.0 star rating Vicki P. from Detroit, Michigan


This musical captured the well-known lines of the movie which made me happy! Unfortunately, the dancing.left a lot to be desired. The actress playing Vivian did not capture the charm of Julia Roberts. Her voice often fell flat or screechy. WOW….this show I will not encourage others to see.

1.0 star rating DTE from Detroit, Michigan


I was with friends so I couldn’t leave at intermission. The show was silly and boring. The characters Vivian and Edward were flat and Edward needs dance lessons.

1.0 star rating from St. Louis, Missouri


That's it, that's the whole review: It...was...tedious...

1.0 star rating Bev from St. Louis, Missouri


Terrible. Boring production. Vivianes role was so childish. The music was screeching and none that you would remember. What a disaster to be shown at the Fox.

1.0 star rating Ramsey from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Pretty Woman was always a problematic story. In the movie, the charisma of Julia Roberts and Richard Gere let us suspend belief. This production, doubled down on everything problematic about the story and lacked any charisma. The songs made me weep— for Bryan Adams fall. Every single song is terrible. The acting was exaggerated for comedy. The music was painfully sophomoric because the composers obviously did not have any respect for their audience. I think this was made for tourists who were trapped because every other good production was sold out. To be truthful, I walked out at intermission. I would have walked out much earlier (at the first “song”) if I hadn’t been trapped. I felt badly for the performers who must have gagged at the material and were so desperate for work in covid times. There were indeed some laughs from the audience…but I felt the producers used some slap stick comedy to distract from the horror show. We bought these tickets as part of a Broadway package and we were happy to give it a try. But that this musical was in the same lineup as Hamilton, Hadestown, Dear Evan Hansen and Oklahoma was the only way this production could fill seats. It is possible that the second half of the musical made Sondheim’s heart sing, but I doubt it. And I am not a snobby musical snob. I’m more than happy to watch movie based musicals - I have found Disney productions, School of Rock, Matilda, Moulin Rouge fun. I write this not to stop you from attending. I am begging corporate producers to stop making obvious junk.

1.0 star rating Steph from Boston, Massachusetts


You brace yourself whenever they start singing because the play comes to a screeching halt every time. Seriously, it feels like there are only two songs in this musical: ensemble and ballad. So many lost opportunities for fun duets between Vivian and Edward to show their push pull, or musics numbers dedicated to important scenes instead of making them little in between. Kit outshines Vivian easily. All the teeth are taken out of Vivian. The creepy lawyer is more charming than Edward. Vivian had more chemistry pantomiming a conversation with Morse than singing a duet with Edward.

1.0 star rating Kathy from Boston, Massachusetts


Could not even make IT to intermission never left a play before STAY AWAY THE WORST

1.0 star rating Ari from Minneapolis, Minnesota


Left at intermission…Kit’s voice was great- only redeeming thing about this show.

1.0 star rating Angie Rice from Minneapolis, Minnesota


Worst musical ever. Vivienne was pitchy, and Edward’s voice was weak and mealy. If I could give this negative stars I would. Choreography was simplistic. At one point I laughed out loud because I was so embarrassed for the cast. My high-school daughters could perform better than this.

1.0 star rating Baycyd from Portland, Oregon


I was date of very close friend whose husband died unexpectedly a few weeks ago, so the ticket didn’t cost me anything but time. So wished I could have left at intermission. By far the worst play I have ever seen, and I’ve been a frequent theater goer for 50 years. Spare yourself, even if you paid for the tickets.

1.0 star rating Pilar Molina from Los Angeles, California


This is probably the worst play I’ve ever seen. I am a big fan of Pretty Woman and the leads couldn’t be more inadequate. The leads for Vivian & Edward didn’t seem to have enough talent, can’t dance, sing or act, excruciatingly awful. There was zero chemistry between the two lead actors. The song selection fell short in engaging the crowd. This play would allow for a lot of witty jokes which it didn’t get. The play being in LA and the plot taking place in Hollywood should have given the opportunity for a stellar show. I was very disappointed with the lack of prop decor, could have done so much better! Lastly, everyone in the supporting cast was absolutely amazing! Very talented, the Opera singer was out of this world phenomenal. The theme song should be planned at least 3 times throughout the play, we all love the song! and it would have set the mood from beginning to end. For theater you need to command a presence when you hit the stage, the leads fell incredibly short in doing so.

1.0 star rating Renee Fuentes from Los Angeles, California


….until now. Left at intermission when I just knew I couldn’t make it through a second act. The songs, lyrics, lines, staging, and performances were abysmal. No chemistry between the leads, no motivations for movement, high school quality choreography and flat singing. I was flabbergasted. Thank goodness for the bellhop who sprinkled a little joy onstage, but wow. I just……can’t.

1.0 star rating Peter Brumlik from Manitou Springs, Colorado


Cast and sets were sub-par, not worthy of being in the DCPA. Ultimately the book (script and lyrics) are poorly written and executed with a repetitiveness that borders on boring. This production is not consistent with other national touring companies. A limited orchestra (5 pieces and synthesizer) boosted by a volume that was ear piercing, left the orchestration, already deficient, charmless.

1.0 star rating Anonymous from Denver, Colorado


We were really looking forward to seeing this, but as massively talented as the actors were, the dancing was cheesy and the main character was overacted. We suspect this overacting was either written into the adaptation or a huge mistake by the director. Either way, we left at intermission, not being able to stomach it anymore, and not wanting to waste the rest of our evening.

1.0 star rating Chris W. from Atlanta, Georgia


We were at the opening night performance in Atlanta (9/13). It very much felt like Pretty put on by the people who do Disney Channel television. Once we figured out that the female lead (Vivian) was basically channeling Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana, it became more tolerable. It was almost a game to try and figure out what other stars everyone was playing. Ashley Tisdale was Kit. Rondell Sheridan was Happy Man/Mr. Thompson. Good times making an unbearably bad musical kinda fun. Not enough fun however as we left at intermission. We've been to countless performances at the Fox over the last decade. This is first one we walked out on.

1.0 star rating Susan from Atlanta, Georgia


I took my niece and my thought through out the play was, “Thank God I didn’t make a man sit through this!”. Who ever cast Vivian should never work in theater again. An average girl, in every way, trying to fill Julia Roberts shoes. Kit was perfect in every way! Opera singer was phenomenal! The set was amateurish! You couldn’t flash a New York skyline on the screen? A painted background with lights would have been better than the pink backlit encasing that looked like something at a Macy’s cosmetic counter. The costumes! The iconic black and red dresses were replaced with a Spanish style lace dress fit for a tango and a ugly bridesmaids red dress. Come on, Bloomingdales had better dresses and was only a couple mikes away!

1.0 star rating from Austin, Texas


Acting was awful. Opera singers were best part.

1.0 star rating Cynthia Avant from Orlando, Florida


One of the worst shows I have ever seen. We left at intermission couldn’t take it anymore. Singing was horrible! Dancing,acting not much better.

1.0 star rating Eri from Vancouver, British Columbia


I was so disappointed in this musical. I had expectations of hearing all the songs from the movie. The songs were written for the play and lacked substance for lack of a better word. The acting was just ok but the singing was awful. Lead roles both very amateur👎🏼 Not worth $150. However Opera singer was fantastic !

1.0 star rating Tina from Vancouver, British Columbia


This was painful. Talent was not there and definitely didn’t deserve a ticket price of $150. Voices were pitchy and amateur. I’ve seen better highschool musicals . Opera singer , Kit and doorman guy carried the show . Songs were not good either. Sooo disappointing

1.0 star rating Susanne Koenig from San Antonio, Texas


This was probably my most unenjoyable (if that is a word) performance at the SA majestic ever. Story line ok but whoever did the casting reversed Julia snd her side kick. When ‘Richard Gere’ sang I put my hands over my ears. He sounded like a woman, too high pitched. On the other hand we had a gentleman sitting behind us who was quite entertaining so he saved the evening.

1.0 star rating J. Sokolowski from Sarasota, Florida


@Van Wezel, Sarasota Trying to create a musical based on such an iconic movie with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere was going to be an enormous feat. So it was. The set was poor and amateurish – some high school production has better set. It was hard to enjoy the show when the main character was obnoxious and not at all charming. It was completely unbelievable that she had charm enough to win the affections of anyone, let alone a billionaire. Vivian’s musical voice was at times frail, lacking projection and timbre. Synthesizer instead of an orchestra which has always been a vital part of musicals, really? Maybe the actors' performances of songs were also recorded? The Kit character was great and so were so many other roles. I enjoyed the actors playing the hotel manager and main bellboy. The Opera singer’s performance was also great although short. Playing the theme song at the end of the show was a disappointment.

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