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Average customer review: 4.5 star rating (4.6 Stars)

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5.0 star rating Helen from St. Louis, Missouri


Saw Carlos Santana and the band in the early '70's at Six Flags Over Mid-America and have carried his/their spirit in music ever since. Went tonight to The Fabulous Fox by myself with a single balcony ticket. What a Gift! I love St. Louis, her peeps & and the Music. Oh, the music. What a Town - venue - what a night!!

5.0 star rating Stu from Hamilton, Ontario


I’ve been a Santana fan since the 70’s and have loved following his career and his constant efforts to make beautiful music. He doesn’t disappoint very often and tonight’s concert was no exception. He and his talented band mates put on an excellent show. Even at 70 he’s an unbelievable guitarist! I loved his music and his message of love and happiness. What a wonderfully fantastic evening. Even after my sixth concert over 30 years I remain inspired and in awe by his genius.

5.0 star rating from Hamilton, Ontario


Wow Carlos rocks!!! Great show a true guitar hero!!!! Thanks Carlos!!!

5.0 star rating Paul Wilson from Ottawa, Ontario


Top notch gig! Carlos at his best, tight, powerful and professional. Cindy's drum solo blew us away as well. Vocals were hot and fun. They had us rocking the joint apart. A classic to see and remember. Get ready Montreal here they come!

5.0 star rating Gord Doran from Winnipeg, Manitoba


He is not much for words and prefers to let his music do the talking. It spoke volumes and volumes. Phenomenal musicians that played tight..tight tight. The lighting and video effects were excellent but not over done. The focus was as it should be, on one of the best guitarists in the world. The only complaint lies with the BellMts facility. I have been to several events there lately including concerts and Jets games and there is not doubt that the sound system is NOT up to snuff. While the acoustics in the building are very good... the pa system is sorely lacking in bottom end. If they tout it as a world class facility that can draw world class acts they really need to enhance the sound system which is 2nd rate at best.

5.0 star rating Jeff from Ottawa, Ontario


I saw Santana in 1977 at the Ottawa Civic Centre and I believe he hasn't done a show in an Arena in Ottawa since then. I know he was at Bluesfest a few years ago and I saw him then. He survived Woodstock. I think the show here Sunday night was his best. The Geritol crowd like myself were in full form. Great Guitarist.......Great Band.....Very Spirtual which was actually comforting.

5.0 star rating Jim from Winnipeg, Manitoba


He is a legend for reason , he truly believes in music and the energy and likes the audience to get up and dance and be happy .

5.0 star rating Christine from Vancouver, British Columbia


Great concert, so much energy and a terrific band! All my favorites and SANTANA still got the chops.

5.0 star rating Jane Beaston from Portland, Oregon


What an excellent concert and crowd ! I had good seats with a good view in the veterns memorial coliseum .stage was close. Parking was a breeze--I parked across the street in rodeway inn for 20$. crowd control was no issue. blew thru the security check, was never hassled for anything. typical pricey food and drink. Didnt find much memorabilia for sale inside or outside like tee shirts and stuff. I first saw Santana in 73 right here in portland and now last night. Carlos is a genius, talented, humble, and going as strong as ever ! from start to finish it was energetic, brilliant . His wife was on the drums and never missed a beat ! This is by far one of the best concerts I have ever attended ! would see him again and again. So glad he is making a tour through the Northwest. Well done Carlos !

5.0 star rating Cecilia Casarez from Madera, California



5.0 star rating Ray from Sacramento, California


Excellent concert with great variety of old hits and new material. Parking before and after concert a nightmare !

5.0 star rating Lorna Seldon Burd from Vancouver Island


White River Amphitheatre June 29th... the traffic was so packed (but very chilled) that we arrived at 7.30pm, but wow! I am still humming. Was so thrilled to catch a good few songs and esp “Long Train Running”💖 and then Carlos... loved the African supernatural visuals, historical Santana visuals, crazy percussion maestros all around and the trombonist!!!! I boogied my butt off from the moment we arrived, to the end... only song missing was “Samba PaTi”. Everyone’s solos- esp Cindy’s solo were ‘supernatural’ Beautiful harmonies, fun guitar collaborations. Hope you could feel the love from the audience. Thank you so much.

5.0 star rating Tom pfeifle from Gig Harbor, Washington


Carlos Santana and his excellent band brought 50 years of great music to The amphitheater last night. Starting with Woodstock era songs and moving on to newer jazzier tunes always with a hard driving Latin beat. His guitar playing skills have not diminished with the years. If anything he is a more nuanced player willing to allow his excellent band shine through. His comments and stories between songs were always interesting and showed a great sense of humor. The Doobie Brothers opened the show with a great set of their hits. Their performance was tight and obviously well rehearsed. A great show altogether.

5.0 star rating Jesse from Chicago, Illinois


Santana is great he has not slowed down a bit so glad I went the man gives it his all every show.

5.0 star rating Mico Raso from Toronto, Ontario


As always, divine...awesome... uplifting!! 2 thumbs up - way up!!!! Viva Santana!!!

5.0 star rating Jim Lettuce from Cincinnati, Ohio


What a great show. I've seen Carlos a bunch of times but hadn't seen the Doobie Brothers since high school in Des Moines. They put on a solid opening lead-in with outstanding renditions of most of their hits. Santana followed that up with a tremendous performance. He is still a virtuoso guitarist and the band he has put together totally shined. Both lead singers, trombone, keyboards, percussion - all stellar. Carlos' wife Cindy Blackman also had a prolonged drum solo that was electric. The Doobies also joined them onstage for a bit which was also a treat. Santana is always a must-see event and this was no exception.

5.0 star rating Lmk from Boston, Massachusetts


Great concert!! The best guitarist in the world. Worth every penny.

5.0 star rating Patrick Gilhooly from Hartford, Connecticut


Hartford CT show August 19, 2019 was amazing . Santanta rocks. Lights, music , concert venue were all a treat. Carlos having the Doobie Brothers come on stage to play together was top shelf. Carlos Santana message of love, hope, tranquility and peace to each other was moving. The many talented musicians showed their expertise and each was given a chance to show their talents by their respectfull leader Carlos. The female drummer was extremely gifted. You cannot get a better proformance and presentation . The sound and positive energy for this craftman is highly professional and an awesome concert experience

5.0 star rating from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


I have seen probably over a hundred concerts in my life & I finally made it to see Santana. The best concert I have ever seen! They came out & rocked that stage! The music was unbelievable live! I have always loved Santana but was totally blown away by the live show. Every member of the band was so talented in their own right. The girl drummer Cindy / Sydney not sure, hit those drums for three hours straight & she was incredible! Her arms have to be like jelly after beating the shit out of those drums all night. The whole band had stamina like I’ve never seen. Every band member was multi talented. Carlos Santana did not disappoint. His son did some rap that was awesome & played a keyboard solo, the song was just the opposite of rap & it was beautiful. I have to see them again. I can’t make it to NY tomorrow cause I have other plans fir my birthday but I’m looking into flying out to Vegas & seeing them at the House of Blues!! Can’t wait to see them again & I am sitting front row for this amazing show! Love love loved it ❤️❤️❤️ Rock on Carlos Santana & Band ... loved the message you put out there also Peace Out ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻 Till I see you again Sue K

5.0 star rating Karen Villa-Kyle from San Francisco, California


Loved the collaboration between the musicians and of course--Carlos is a force in creating an awesome synergy. The concert was a perfect way to celebrate life.

5.0 star rating Randy Young from Orlando, Florida


Absolutely fantastic. Santana delivers! 50 years and he just get's better with age. So glad we had the opportunity to see this legend and the gang. And his wife, Cindy, is one of the greatest drummers of all time!...............

5.0 star rating Andy M from South Carolina


2021-simpsonville, SC. All I can say is the show was top-notch start to finish! Shows are expensive these days but worth every penny. Kudos to Carlos and his fantastic band. True musicianship was witnessed last night

5.0 star rating Santana Rules from Vancouver, British Columbia


On Thursday, March 31, 2022, Santana visited the Abbotsford Entertainment and Sports Center, to perform for an nearly-sold-out audience, eager to enjoy live music again. The nine-member group opened with a long string of their best known songs, pushing full-throttle into "Soul Sacrifice", "Jingo", "Evil Ways", "Black Magic Woman", "Everybody's Everything", "She's Not There", "Oye Como Va", even reaching far back into the catalog for the sweet "Samba Pa Ti". Smoking hot musicianship from each and every member, audience up and dancing for much of the show, the happy vibe was shared by the crowd, perhaps the largest group of humans they had seen in 2 years. The group stretched out for some jams and more current material during mid-set, but roared back with even more hits, "Maria Maria", ending with their smash chart-topper "Smooth". Carlos is 74 and still has all the inspiration and biting guitar attack as when I 1st saw him in 1978. Band is equally powerful, so don't miss next time.

5.0 star rating Diane De Vie from Vancouver, British Columbia


I took my grand-nephew of 10 years old with me, he did not want anything else than me taking him as his birthday present. We enjoyed the show so much. Cannot remember any shows that beat that one and I have been to several concerts. Carlos Santana still goes on, best guitarist ever. He shared his views of the world; love, unity; as we are all one, respect. His lyrics are positive and inspirational. All his musiciens are first class. The atmosphere was electric. Lasted 2 hours and 20 minutes. Were seated at section 109A row 7, very good seats.

5.0 star rating JK from Surrey, British Columbia


At 74 years old, Carlos remains a great guitarist! His wife is 62 and is one of the drummers, after already playing for 2 hours, she performed an energetic and lengthy drum solo that blew away the audience! The vocalists, bass, keyboards and other guitarists were all great performers! This was a fantastic performance! Happy that we got to see them!

5.0 star rating Carol Graber from Mission, British Columbia


I saw Santana at the Abbotsford Centre last night and he was fabulous. He played every song I ever wanted to hear and the sound was great. He is an artist who really cares about his audience and his message of peace and love was inspiring. He is a master on the guitar and his whole band are great musicians. It is a concert that I will remember forever.

5.0 star rating Laura conte from Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Absolutely Amazing! I can’t remember going to a concert and feel such energy in the room! Carlos Santana and his entire band and lead vocals were fantastic!! Bravo!! I felt such joy!!

4.0 star rating Mike from Saratoga, New York


Great show with the Doobie Brothers. I would make a suggestion to the sound folks. Many of us felt the keyboards were too load and when the artist were speaking to the audience you could not hear what they were saying. Just a tweet was needed.

4.0 star rating Mary A from Chicago, Illinois


Excellent show! Top notch band. Great sound system as always at Ravinia! He did an amazing performance! First time seeing him. It was on my bucket list. Loved him since Woodstock. He is phenomenal. Only one frustration, Carlos had his back to the crowd a lot, which hampered us seeing his amazing guitar 🎸 work. I don't understand it. That was frustrating.

3.0 star rating R Ross from Fort Myers, Florida


Hertz Arena parking entry needs major overhaul. We missed the first half hour of the concert due to major traffic getting into the parking. Only one parking attendant taking parking fees for a sold out crowd. Lanes narrowing into one instead of having more attendants. Santana was a 5* but Hertz was a 1*

3.0 star rating Tony Mc from Houston, Texas


Santana was great for about 40 minutes - then devolved into very mediocre cover band losing the classic Latin sound that they are know for. Could have been any concert, anywhere - disappointing.

3.0 star rating from Houston, Texas


I was not happy with this concert. He had his back most of the time to the audience. I wanted to see him and him playing. I was disappointed when his didn't even finish his last song and didn't come back for just one more song. I really love him, I've been going to see him for years. But, I paid a lot of money to see his back. Very disappointiing.

2.0 star rating Sherry from Las Vegas, Nevada


The instrumental was terrific. My issue was that I paid a lot of money to hear a tribute band. Santana rarely got off his stool and when he did, it would have been challenging to sign as he had a wad of chewing gum in his mouth. He did not face the audience so we spent most of the night looking at his backside or side of his face. I was looking forward to this concert, unfortunately it was disappointing.

1.0 star rating Sylvia K from Toronto, Ontario


I have never attended a concert in my long life where the lead was entirely absent from his/her own show, ... which was tragically the state of affairs at the Budweiser stage in Toronto the other night. The focus of the jumbo screens was all over the vocalists, pianist and percussionist and not at all on Santana for good reason. His lacking participation in his own concert was more like a bassist in the back ground. Concerts are SO expensive these days one would hope that if you no longer have it together to put on a worthwhile show than do your fans a favour and politely bow out so they can at least save their hard earned money and remember you as the super star you once were rather than now thinking about you as an ego that doesn't know when to call it quits.


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