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Pentatonix Reviews

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Average customer review: 2.0 star rating (2.2 Stars)

Number of reviews: 42



5.0 star rating Lisa from San Francisco, California


The show was amazing!!! They have really upped the production, lighting and overall quality of the show. It’s now 2 hours long. It definitely has the feel of a rock concert, just as they advertise it. Their voices were in excellent condition and they sang many of their older songs fans have been requesting for years. The new original song sounds fantastic and they said there is more to come. Sitting higher up allows you to see more of the stage and the special effects. Sitting on the floor near the right side of the stage is a bit frustrating because a camera on a boom was often in the way. Definitely go see the show if you get a chance

5.0 star rating Sabrina from Orlando, Florida


Go to this show! Pentatonix continues to blow me away!!

5.0 star rating from Orlando, Florida


i love pentatonix and they put on an incredible show like always! they’re so pure and have genuine talent. i enjoyed it a lot!!!!!

5.0 star rating Paulina from Portland, Oregon


I've been a massive penatholic (pentatonix fan) for about 4 years now, and I've been to their tours in the past, but this one definitely topped it! I got VIP for my second time, it was much better than the first (nicest people you will ever meet, trust me), and since VIP was early access, we also got moved up to right floor, section 6, second row, and the view was amazing! the crowd sold out with 23,000 people, the energy was amazing, they put on a great show for all ages, it's crazy how it didn't even sound like a Capella, They even got the whole crowd to be quiet with off mic song. They interacted with the crowd so well, their opening acts (Citizen Queen and Rachel Platten) were AMAZING as well! their special effects were amazing, the sound quality was amazing, the choreo was amazing as well! i lost my voice from screaming and singing! Felt more like a rock concert than a a Capella show. Was definitely worth the 4 hour drive!

4.0 star rating BD from Hershey, Pennsylvania


Love the PTX. ! Kristen M was in Quarantine last night but was a master star having to sing in isolation. Major Kudos for making that work! Song choices were wonderful. Kevin absolutely STOLE THE SHOW in his featured solo portion. I would happily pay to see him perform solo! Such talent! That said, in the group performance, the base was too strong. My body was literally vibrating and not in a good way... gotta rethink the sound mixing for future shows, please. Beautiful set design, but bright lights shining in the audience throughout the songs was uncomfortable and annoying. Really didn't love Hershey Giant Center. Seats up top in 204 were horribly torturous. Absolutely no leg room and I'm only 4, ft 10. Please try to book American Music Theater in Lancaster for future. That venue is much more deserving of your star quality, and is much more enjoyable for your fans. Happy to hear Boy Nmd Tom. They were great opening act for you !

3.0 star rating from San Francisco, California


.... the worst sound ever .... it has been along time that I have been to the Orical arena for a concert, now I remember why I did not go for a long time: the worst sound ever for such a wonderful Acapella Group: great stage, light and good light effects. ... but do not understand how the base sound hat to be cranked up to the top like it was a rock and roll band.... smaller venue would be a better choice.

3.0 star rating G from San Jose, California


My God..... they all have great voices. Why overwhelm it with ear piercing bass. All the voices need to blend together.

3.0 star rating Evan from New York, New York


I'd never seen nor followed any of the acts on this bill. As a lifelong music fan and concert lover I scored an inexpensive (and surprisingly decent) seat in section 212 right over the stage so figured "what the Hell?" With no expectations I went in. Citizen Queen opened with a short, likable acapella set although their stage patter felt programmed and rushed. Then Rachel Platten who fits the "White girl can 'sAng' bill" blew me away. All heart and SOUL, with a booming voice, powerful lyrics, she wore her heart on her sleeve and from the first note I just said to myself, "she's got IT." Just wonderful. And real. Every word about her struggles in NY clubs to post partum issues to the awe she felt playing Madison Square Garden rang true. She just won me over. Pentatonix- as GREAT vocally as they are, disappointed though. Too loud for acapella and just too many bells and whistles. Less is more, folks. From video screens to giant balloons on down. It's all a giant distraction. JUST SING.

3.0 star rating Nancy from Montreal, Quebec


Thank goodness the opening act Citizen Queen only had a few songs. One of their singers was off-key and threw the whole thing off. Excruciating! It was like a reject from a high school talent show. Rachel Platten was great. Pentatonix were amazing but the sound was not good at all. It definitely did not do justice to their amazing voices and vocal harmonies. Disappointed.....

3.0 star rating Laurie B from Green Bay, Wisconsin


I never heard of Pentatonix until a week before the concert. My wife wanted to go so bad. We bought expensive seats due to our last minute decision to go. We enjoyed Rachael Platten and hearing her was amazing. She did a great 30 minutes or so and had the audience on their feet. Then came Pentatonix. Could not hear or understand much as the sound was so distorted and LOUD. My wife wanted to leave, but I thought we should at least stay a little longer due to the expense and her wanting to see them so bad, maybe it would get better. People were leaving. The crane camera was unfortunately on our side of the stage and never stopped moving all over the place in our way. The side lights were blinding to us. I did enjoy the whole affect of being at a concert and the visuals etc. Pentatonix, you have some bugs to work out. Please take the base down and stop with the big moving camera. My wife said she had a splitting headache after the show. I just kept my hearing aids turned waaaay down.

3.0 star rating Something from Fargo, ND


I was looking forward to the concert. I was disappointed. Havanah was great but I don't think i liked anything else. They kept doing snipits of songs and by the time I figured out what they were singing they had switched songs. I didn't find that very entertaining. Also way too much talking. They took forever to come on and then they talked for so much of it. I think they had like 6 complete songs sang by the time it was over. Not impressed. Disappointed. Also a couple of the songs i recognized they switched up the tone on the melodies and it was hard to enjoy. Would never go again.

3.0 star rating Thomas from Seattle, Washington


It has been years since I have gone to a concert let alone been to the tacoma dome, and I love the pentatonix, citizen queen, and Rachel Platten, they all sang fantasticly for what I could hear the light show the effects the stage lighting all fantastic even the videos were fantastic with the camera guys, a small detail that was distracting at times was one of the spot light guys seemed to struggle with his spot light at times, but the biggest problem I had was the sound quality that base was way to ridiculous and loud for an acapella group like I love base but when its an acapella group they are mainly SINGING you know like the TREBLE? If we can't hear their actual singing, the point of an acapella group is to be matching there overall loudness to make it sound amazing, y'all need to have a chat with your sound guy and fix his base problem love y'all I hope this problem can he fixed

3.0 star rating Armena from Las Vegas, Nevada


My seven year old son wanted to see Pentatonix so much and sing the ‘Mary, did you know’ with them. We heard a band and then another singer from 7:30-9:15 pm. It was long and way past my son’s bed time. We will continue to love Pentatonix but will listen to the songs we will choose ourselves online. They have the most amazing voices but the sound system was terrible, and the songs they sang were extremely loud, too much... We did not connect with them emotionally at all! Their song choices were not good. I hate to he negative but it was a total disappointment. Waiting for about 2 hours to get disappointed... Lots of people left during the concert, including us. Can someone please write here if they sang any Christian songs at all? Please?

3.0 star rating Deb from Philadelphia


I drove several hours to hear Pentatonix at Bethel Woods and could not hear them. Whoever was in charge of the sound system should be removed asap. I wanted to run to the mixing console several rows away and smash it. Pentatonix may not have known how their wonderful arrangements were delivered as loud, metallic mush. I hope they read these comments. The crowd at Bethel Woods was big for acapella. So, wake up, and be who you are.

3.0 star rating Chris Neville from Hershey, Pennsylvania


Was really pumped to see Pentatonix. Sat on the floor in the back right next to sound guys. Opening choir was good, but sound was too quiet and terrible. Pentatonix comes out. A little too much "show" and not enough singing. Bass was way too loud (along with the "beat box"). It was over-modulated and gave the rest of the group a "muddy" sound. Overall did not enjoy the performance as much as I hoped I would, but still glad we went. Loved their "light show" and graphics, by the way! Still one of my favorite groups!

3.0 star rating Karen from Sioux Falls, South Dakota


Pentatonix was amazing....once they got on stage. When a show is scheduled to start at 7 pm and its almost 30 minutes late - that's disappointing. There were so many people there and children that we thought that was rude. We saw one family leave before Pentatonix took the stage as it was getting too late for the kids with school the next day. Then there was another 30 minute wait between The Girl Named Tom (fabulous!). After performing for a half hour, Pentatonix took a 15 minute break (which was really 30 minutes long). We finally had to leave at 11:30 pm as we had a 1.5 hr drive home.

3.0 star rating April Roy from Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Opening band was awesome “ Girl named Tom” they started playing at 8:09 for about 30 mins , then we waited and waited for Penatonox to start playing, 45 mins later they started and played for 30 mins. Wth?! Great talent but the length of the show was a disappointment.

2.0 star rating Kim from Seattle, Washington


I was really looking forward to this show, I’ve loved PTX for years and have never seen them live. Citizen Queen was cute, but someone was definitely off key. Not that I could hear it very well. Rachel Platten was such a gem and I thoroughly enjoyed her performance despite having never liked the only song I knew of hers. Phenomenal performer and such a voice. But omg, the bass. Who is your sound guy?? Are y’all self conscious of your voices? I could BARELY hear the songs. I could barely hear anyone who talked in between songs. I loved the lighting effects, loved how the set changed each song, that was really cool. But what was with that bass??? Ridiculous. I’m really shocked that this apparently followed you on your tour. Why haven’t you fixed this? Ppl love you for your SOUND, let us HEAR IT! Bass is great, but it shouldn’t drown everything else out!

2.0 star rating Tim Anderson from Kansas City, Missouri


Wow, I love PTX harmony and their online videos are awesome. Sadly, the performance at Starlight Theater felt like a totally different group, loud and somewhat obnoxious, with incredibly heavy bass and beat boxes, all encased in irritatingly bright, flashing lights. I enjoyed this show about 25% as much as I had expected. On the upside, the cello segment was great and, about 10 songs in, they sang a song I actually enjoyed, a rendition of Sounds of Silence. Their opening act, Rachel Platten, was honestly far more enjoyable. I had really looked forward to this show, but will not be taking in a live concert again.

2.0 star rating Wayne Wampler from Jacksonville, Florida


After Rachel Platen performed, it was almost 9pm before Pentatonix arrived on stage. People were already leaving. The heat in the outdoor arena was almost unbearable. The song choices at the beginning of the concert were poor. The high decibel distorted bass drowned out the other voices. I was expecting a class act performance. Pentatonix is not a hard rock group but they tried to perform like one. The colorful visuals and poorly mixed audio appeared to be the driving force to stir up the younger crowd. And it worked for that group. The only saving grace of the performance were the visual effects - otherwise I would have given 1 star. I and some friends left just before 10pm. What a waste of money! So disappointed. I still love Pentatonix though.

2.0 star rating Laurie from Hartford, Connecticut


I love Pentatonix and was so looking forward to seeing them for the first time at Mohegan Sun. So disappointed- sound was terrible. Bass was so loud that it often drowned out the singing. My eats actually hurt at the end. Too bad!

2.0 star rating from Boston, Massachusetts


I was really looking forward to seeing the Christmas show. Howeve,r I was extremely disappointed that they music was so loud that it drowned out the singers' voices. I had to leave as it gave me a headache. Does not even sound close to what you see on You Tube. I wish they did less with all the ba ba ba during the pauses.

2.0 star rating Disappointed Patron from Dallas, Texas


I was looking forward to hearing Pentatonix at the venue in Grand Prairie, and have listened to Pentatonix for the entire 8 years of their public career. I was so disappointed, however, because the concert was terrible! They were having MAJOR pitch problems, tempo and rhythm issues, and could not stay together...I was stunned! I took several video clips, just to make sure it hasn’t been my imagination, but it was awful! The only redeeming thing about the concert was the cello with beatboxing...he was excellent, as usual, but the rest just didn’t pull it off. I was very sad to see $200 concert tickets provide such a musically disastrous performance. I wanted to leave after the first few songs, but stuck it out, hoping they’d get their act together, but it never happened. Every now and then, their usual harmony would pop out and ring, but then they’d lose it again. For a group who usually sound fantastic and have such amazing vocal harmony, they struggled with breath, pitch, and tempo...

2.0 star rating Jerry L from Atlanta Georgia


Love Pentatonix and had seen them before in NYC. Came to the concert at Legacy Arena with great anticipation of hearing beautiful music. Could not believe what I heard. From the very start the bass literally shook the building and made your seat vibrate and I was in the upper level far from the stage. It was enough to give a person a headache. The volume was so loud beyond the bass that the singing was totally distorted and unrecognizable. Many in the crowd were older fans who I'm confident do not listen to Pentatonix at home at volumes that make windows shake.... nor do they want to hear it during a live performance. Can't express how bad it was. Left the arena at intermission. Love Pentatonix......but this was a total disaster.

1.0 star rating Norm Wolfe from Los Angeles, California


Can't hear the other voices because the base is so loud. Left after two songs. Why does the Forum shine headlights in your face when the bands are not playing?

1.0 star rating Nancy Parker from Los Angeles, California


If you like Pentatonix for their amazing vocals, you will never hear them at this concert. You would think you went to the wrong concert. It was overwhelmingly loud, bass was ear shattering ... Could not hear any harmonizing much less any words. Do not waste your money.

1.0 star rating Grace from Los Angeles, California


I don't even know where to start. I usually love this group! 1st they had their pet acapella group Citizen Queen open & it was so awful I wanted to leave right then. PTX - leave your pet projects for another venue rather than force them on us. They are REALLY BAD. 2nd - The Forum is WAY too big for all of you. It was so empty every note had a loud echo. The bass was ridiculously high & drowned out all the voices. Rachel was the only saving grace although the echo destroyed her sound. As for PTX - stick with smaller venues. The compilation of "medley's" was horrific. Jumping around from one bit to another rather than singing a song all the way through was painful. The audience couldn't get into it. Their new song fell flat. Trying to get the audience involved was a total failure and people actually walked out. The cello (at an acapella show?!) had a scratchy sound techs didn't get rid of. The lighting part of the show was ok. I enjoyed maybe 1 1/2 songs. MASSIVE DISAPPOINTMENT!

1.0 star rating Kristen Nordenholz from Denver, Colorado


I splurged on expensive tickets to hear ( try to hear ) this ACCAPELLA Group, EXCEPT could NOT HEAR ANYTHING except the Ear Torturing Beat Box Bass!!! MASSIVE DISAPPOINTMENT- could barely recognize the songs-harmony was destroyed. I almost cried about the waste of time and money, not to mention the damage to all of our collective ears! SHAME!

1.0 star rating Katy from Berkeley, California


Outrageously loud bass overwhelmed all other sounds. Could barely hear the melodies, definitely NEVER heard those gorgeous voices or harmonies that make Pentatonix great. Poorest fidelity ever heard in the amplification (way too loud too, but that’s a separate issue). You guys have reinvented pop music — so why borrow it’s worst features for your concert? Incredible DISAPPOINTMENT!! I finally left early — couldn’t bear it — after looking forward to it for months.

1.0 star rating Kristin Watkins from Greensboro, North Carolina


Terrible acoustics at Greensboro Coluseum. We were looking forward to seeing Pentatonix. So sad their powerful acopella was lost behind the shrill overall loudness. No excuses Greensboro Coluseum.

1.0 star rating Shirley Zielinski from Orlando, Florida


Extremely disappointed. This is not what we expected to see. We expected Pentatonix, the Acapella Group. The first two acts were fine. Rachel Platten could have been the show by herself. But it was far too long. We waited too long for Pentatonix to come on and then it was to a shocking space like, hip-hop music which was so incredibly loud you could not hear a word they were saying. We bought very expensive tickets months ago so excited to see what we thought would be the Pentatonix that we have been listening to so long. If we had wanted to go to a rock concert where our seats were actually vibrating beneath us from the intense loudness of the sound,, we would have saved all that money and gone somewhere else or donated it to a charity. What a complete waste and disappointment! The people behind us left early, as did the group in front of us and the ones to the side of us. We looked at the aisle and there was a stream of people leaving. We never leave a venue of any kind early, concert, play, game, but this one was the one we did. The first time they left the stage, we left. Unfortunately I bought a $40 T-shirt before the concert. It means nothing to me now. I won’t wear it. What a waste of their beautiful talent and voices. MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT and major waste of our time and money.

1.0 star rating from Montreal, Quebec


Really looking forward to Pentatonix show in Montreal, however very disappointed at the sound quality. Very loud volume, to a point that some of the voices were dampened by it. What a shame! 5 stars to Rachel Platten, she continues to amaze with her energy, and vibe! Wonderful voice, amazing lyrics! Rachel, you can hold a show of your own, WAY TO GO!! You were the highlight of the evening!

1.0 star rating Ken from Mohegan Sun


You would think that all these negative reviews would wake this group up. They have amazing voices but they need to be heard to hear them! We left after 30 minutes with our ears ringing. We’ve been to other concerts at Mohegan Sun and never experienced sound this bad. We were told by Mohegan Sun employees that this was at the discretion of the group. Rachel Platten who proceeded the group was great and not nearly at the same volume. When I see this same complaint on this site, regardless of venue, you know this is the group calling the shots. Good grief guys, get the message. You’re phenomenal, but nobody going to your concert would know that with ear-splitting 120db sound levels and insane bass. Just sing and let your voices do the work!!

1.0 star rating Jennifer from Vancouver, British Columbia


Shockingly disappointing. It shouldn’t be all about the bass - and that’s what we got. Only Chance to enjoy their talent and harmonies was when they unplugged and sang without mics.

1.0 star rating Ejg from Jacksonville, Florida


So many people from so many different venues have sad the same thing. "If you like Pentatonix for their amazing vocals, you will never hear them at this concert. You would think you went to the wrong concert. It was overwhelmingly loud, bass was ear shattering ... Could not hear any harmonizing much less any words..." (our seats were second row orchestra). Sound system at the Daily Place was awful, lighting seemed poorly planned, almost an hour wait between the opening act and PTX. The group seemed like fantastic performers but considering the consistency in all of the bad reviews in many different venues you'd think they'd make some changes. The one positive - the staff at DP seemed outstanding. From the time we were greeted at the lot until we left everyone was very polite and appeared to really know what they were doing.

1.0 star rating Susan Stahl from Jacksonville, Florida


I have seen the Pentatonix 6 times and totally loved them each time. However this tour had such horrible sound, mainly too much bass, and lights flashing in your eyes that I left. Very disappointing. I should have read all the other bad reviews before purchasing tickets. They need to find a new sound guy! I hope they read all the reviews and fix these issues for all their other fans in upcoming shows. Didn’t anyone notice people were leaving in droves during the show?????

1.0 star rating from Jacksonville, Florida


Bass guy's mic was turned up way too loud; couldn't hear the main singers at all; kept showing brights lights toward the audience; often made it hard to see; waited way too long for Pentatonix to come out after Rachel Platten finished; venue was way too hot....even after the sun went down; everyone was sweating; some people really smelled; it was an awful concert experience.....even though the group is fantastic

1.0 star rating from New York, New York


Last night's Pentatonix show at the Bethelwoods was VERY disappointing! When my husband and I first heard this group as a guest appearance on Jackie Avancho's Christmas special, we agreed they were THE BEST vocal group we had EVER heard!! The blend of their voices and harmonies were excellent.....Last night was HORRIBLE! Ear plugs wouldn't have solved the problem! Their unique, shared talent, was LOST! We were blown out of our seats with the shear volume, and overpowering bass. How sad. The only tolerable few songs were "from the couch," " how they began." When artists are good or great, they need NOTHING but their gift to share with the audience....NO moving scenery, NO fireworks, NO additives that do NOTHING but DISTRACT! We were hoping to hear MANY songs like their Utube ,"Hallelujah." Wasn't meant to be. Doubt we will EVER return to such a venue. It's a shame, Pentatonix "share" a gift. All of them make up the package. I pray they don't become like every other ordinary group...... From the heart, Charlotte Hamilton

1.0 star rating from Orlando, Florida


Everything was alright except for the sound. I could barely hear anything. They should've chosen a smaller venue. It wasn't acapella to me. It's like people fighting and chanting and the bass was horrible. Would never go to another concert of Pentatonix

1.0 star rating from Hartford, Connecticut


I should have read these reviews before I went or better yet bought tickets. I have had issues with acoustics at Mohegan Sun but I could not have anticipated the disappointment I felt at the terrible sound quality with an overpowering bone jarring bass rendering the songs and beat box severely distorted if not inaudible. We left at the intermission. With all the reviews from other venues reflecting the same issue one would figure that the sound guy would be fired. Thank God he doesnt produce their studio versions.

1.0 star rating Rita from Charlotte, North Carolina


One of the five members was on the big screen instead of in person due to illness. The show should have been cancelled as we pay high prices to see all the members in person to perform. Took forever for them to take the stage after the warm up band and they had some good songs but over all a huge disappointment. Wasn't worth the drive to the venue which is totally outdated and the stairs are a liability waiting to happen.

1.0 star rating Linda from Mystic, Connecticut


I typically love Petatonix, but the sound was SO bad at the Mohegan Sun concert that I considered leaving after three songs. Stayed until intermission but am completely disappointed in the show. Perhaps their sound people have hearing problems, but one could not even hear the lyrics. And it seemed to me that the performers energy was fake.


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