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Keith Urban Reviews


Average customer review: 5.0 star rating (4.9 Stars)

Number of reviews: 55



5.0 star rating Jen Smith from Terre Haute, in


First time seeing Keith Urban...All I can is Wow. Great talent, I loved it. Been to alot of concerts, this by far was the best. He made you feel like you made his night. Loved it and will go to another one. Very much worth seeing. And he played 3 hours without a break... Alot of talent.. He brought down the house. KFC Yum Center..was great. Everything was well organized..

5.0 star rating Bernice Merryman from Santa Barbara, California


Never have I seen a more engaging, more engaged, more talented and more genuine entertainer. Keith had everyone loving every minute of the concert, from his simple and haunting acoustic guitar solos to his trips through the audience. When introducing his band, he gave them the respect of allowing each of them the time to share their musical gifts with the audience. His soaring vocals and wonderful backup had everyone on their feet. LINDSAY ELL’s opening was sublime & bringing her back for the grand finale was magic. She has incredible guitar skills and a voice that holds fast to both blues and country rock. She is an entertaining woman who fills the audience with respect for her craft. Get there 2 hrs prior, street parking is available within a few blocks. It sure beats having to wait for shuttles to the parking at Santa Barbara High School. We had SB TriTip at the food court. At $11, a bargain that includes fresh Guac & Salsa. Loved the night, well worth the 3 hour drive from DBar.

5.0 star rating from Los Angeles, California


First time seeing Keith Urban but went with die-hard fans. They knew he'd go to the 2nd stage-seats were great. The other reviews mention his talent, warmness, etc. What surprised me the most: While the crowed was headed to the exits, he stayed on the stage, signing autographs, connecting with his fans. When's the last time, the show was over & you were out of the venue before the artist left the stage?

5.0 star rating John Clark from Vancouver, British Columbia


Blown away. This performer earned my respect in so many ways. Talented, smart, and energetic, this guy didn't stop for almost 3 hours. The crowd loved him, and he loved the crowd. I won't miss a chance to see him again.

5.0 star rating Vicki from Winnipeg, Manitoba


Best concert EVER! Not only is he talented he is a real person

5.0 star rating ShannonB from Nashville, Tennessee


Last night’s Keith Urban concert in Nashville changed me from someone who “liked” him into a hard core fan. He shredded on guitar, had brilliant vocals & clearly loves what he’s doing. I also loved how he showcased his fabulous band, being not too big to share the stage. I’ll get back to see him any chance I get! Thanks, Keith!

5.0 star rating GloriAnn Ulrich from Chicago, Illinois


Unbelievable God given talent, gracious & humble, highest energy show with more crowd engagement then I've ever experienced. No circuses, just hit song after hit song leaving us breathless & sad when it ended 2 1/2 hours. Incredible-I'll give up every other concert to see his.

5.0 star rating Debi from Chicago, Illinois


I am a HUGE Keith Urban fan....and after seeing him LIve!! OMgoodness, best concert I have ever been at. He is so gifted with talent. Is genuine, great with the crowd and I will definitely see him again and again. He played one hit after another. Never took a break and even gave a signed guitar away. BEST CONCERT EVER!!!!

5.0 star rating Dale from Chicago, Illinois


About 25-26000 strong outdoors on a beautiful August night. On a recommendation from a sister, my wife, son and I decided to check out Keith's chops and boy were we happy we did. What a performance! Keith ia truly a gifted singer, songwriter and fabulous musician. They are an extremely talented, high energy act that had everyone on their feet for 2 1/2 hours straight. We loved the way he showcased the band members introducing them by giving them the stage to play And sing in the spotlight. This just shows Keith knows it's not just about him. The whole group seems to just love performing with each other. Great vocals, talented musicians, acoustics and sound mixing as well as fabulous lighting and visuals made this a night outdoors that we would do again in an instant! Well worth the money and we are now big fans of Keith. If you get the chance, don't pass it up. One of the best concerts I've seen since starting to attend them in the late 60s and I've seen a few. They rocked it!

5.0 star rating Dale from Chicago, Illinois


About 25-26000 strong outdoors on a beautiful August night. On a recommendation from a sister, my wife, son and I decided to check out Keith's chops and boy were we happy we did. What a performance! Keith ia truly a gifted singer, songwriter and fabulous musician. They are an extremely talented, high energy act that had everyone on their feet for 2 1/2 hours straight. We loved the way he showcased the band members introducing them by giving them the stage to play And sing in the spotlight. This just shows Keith knows it's not just about him. The whole group seems to just love performing with each other. Great vocals, talented musicians, acoustics and sound mixing as well as fabulous lighting and visuals made this a night outdoors that we would do again in an instant! Well worth the money and we are now big fans of Keith. If you get the chance, don't pass it up. One of the best concerts I've seen since starting to attend them in the late 60s and I've seen a few. They rocked it!

5.0 star rating M Meyer from Cincinnati, Ohio


Great concert! He played for nearly 3 hours. Voice was spot on and he plays a mean guitar! Would definitely see him again.

5.0 star rating Michelle from Mentor, OH


Agree with other posts. Keith is a humble generous guy. Seems if you would see him on the street, he would be so welcoming. He is a genuine guy, incredible artist (songwriter, vocalist, musician, best guitar player ever). For him to be able to sing and play like he does, astounds me. I like other performers like Luke and FGL too, but they can't hold a candle to Keith, they don't ever play a whole song with a guitar. Keith never puts his down, he's just a phenomenal 'artist'. So grateful to his fans when he knows there are other concerts to attend, he always thanks everyone for coming out. I was at the rained out concert 4 yrs ago when he played for 3 hrs to show his appreciation for those of us who returned on the 'makeup night'. Who else would do that? No one! He gives to so many charities and performs for free as well, truly genuine. Yes, he brought the adorable sisters on stage, gives a guitar at every show & runs to another stage for other fans to enjoy.ENTERTAINER of the YEAR! THX

5.0 star rating Doreen from Pawt RI


Keith Urban was excellent at the Mansfield Xfinity Center, Aug 4, 2018. It was my first time setting him in concert and it was worth every minute. A tremendous amount of energy and his introduction to his band was beyond words, he is an excellent musician and vocalist and a real down to earth entertainer

5.0 star rating Steve from Martinez, CA.


So I took my queen to Keith Urban last night. Well her cousin bought tickets for her birthday. I was 50/50 going in because I like his music but most of his songs are ballads and I wasn't sure how that would translate. Oh 774 characters left.. let me get to the point. We were blown away. We were out of our seats the entire show. He rocked it. He was engaging with the audience.. even brought two sisters up on stage.. then towards the end he walked through the audience to a second stage so the people in the lawn could get a close up look .... THEN he signed the guitar and gave it to someone holding a sign saying how much she loved him. Then he came out for an encore and played a song on his guitar with no band yet.. then the band came out and they played a couple more songs... and when it was over he spent time throwing stuff to the people in front sections... it was a very good concert. Well worth the $$. He really turned out to be quite the entertainer. Ciao! -Steve

5.0 star rating Pocahauntis from Denver, Colorado


If you haven't seen Keith Urban in concert, you should add that to your bucket list. He is the most engaging, talented, sultry-yet-grounded creature that ever walked the face of the earth. He loves his fans and makes sure they connect with him--not just the giving away of the guitar or bringing someone up on stage--but his total immersion into his music. I can't think of anyone else who has probably visited about 200 cities in the last 3 years that still brings it on to this degree. Plus I think his eyes actually change color.

5.0 star rating Jill Willis from Detroit, Michigan


Despite the misty rain the concert was excellent. It was a packed house. Never sat down once. Great job Keith!!

5.0 star rating Bill Janis from St. Louis, Missouri


Keith Urban kicked off his Graffiti U tour in St Louis on 6/15 . Urban played a great mix of older tunes mixed with new songs from his latest album Graffiti U. Lighting, video and sound mixed with an excellent band made for an outstanding show. From welcoming a fan on stage, to letting his guitar and bass player sing songs , and talking to fans in the front row after the show, Urban is a true talent and a humble human being.

5.0 star rating Becky Walker from Vancouver, British Columbia


I saw him in Vancouver for the first time when he was brand new and opening for Alan Jackson. Wow--- Love it and have followed him ever since. I attended the Vancouver Concert on my birthday last year with a friend from England who had never been to a concert and was not a country fan. She is now a converted fan. I told my friend- Nicole will have to give him up as he's mine now!! (she has nothing to worry about I'm 69 years old)!! Never been to a show that the main act was on stage for 2 1/2 hours just rocking it out. I know all of his songs and sang out loud the who concert!!! OUT OF THIS WORLD CONCERT

5.0 star rating Hannah from Las Vegas, Nevada


AMAZING! AMAZING!! AMAZING!!! What a phenomenal show. Acoustics and visual effects were spot on and the energy was awesome. Fantastic group of musicians and performers. Each and every person on stage was having a blast and so was the audience. Saw them at Caesars Palace. Best concert in a long time. Hope to see them back again in Vegas! Keith Urban, you rock!

5.0 star rating Joanie A from MI from Las Vegas, Nevada

CAESAR’S 1/10/2020

Fabulous show! Love, love, loved this concert! I’m a new fan. Best concert I’ve been to! Performed some of his show in the audience and brought a bday fan onstage! Then signed and gave a guitar to another bday fan who turned 21 yrs old!! So so impressive! 10 star concert! SMH!!❤️

5.0 star rating Maria from Las Vegas, Nevada visiting from B.C.


Saw Keith here tonight, April 1 in Vegas at Caesar's Palace. High energy! Would strongly recommend. Loved the cocert! Great entertainer. Very gracious and down to earth. Made the audience feel special and spent a generous smount of time with fans after the show. Kudos to him, his music and band.

5.0 star rating Krystine from Visiting Family in Tampa


I surprised my sister with these tickets, she is a huge Keith Urban fan, my music tendencies are more traditional rock. But, I am now a Keith Urban fan. Yes, he is most definitely handsome, but his energy and musical talent remind of a 'Country' Tom Petty. I plan on seeing his show when he visits the Detroit area.

5.0 star rating Tony Irwin from Toronto, Ontario


Am not much of a country fan...GF is though, and when I learned months ago that KU would be in Toronto she got two great tickets...I've seen Bruce Springsteen numerous times and he sets a pretty high bar...Keith Urban matched the Boss in many ways and even topped him with his personal contact with the audience...breathtakingly energetic, all vocals from the band fabulous, musicianship excellent...a wonderful absolute must-see

5.0 star rating Cindy from Cincinnati, Ohio


I have seen Keith many times & each concert is somehow better than the one before. Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful. He is so talented & so kind. His enthusiasm is contagious! Can’t wait for the next one. Perfection!❤️

5.0 star rating Anna DeHoog from Las Vegas, Nevada


Keith Urban just treated the attendees if the NAPA Convention with the show of their life. WOW. Amazing. Thank you for supporting hard working folk!

5.0 star rating Fpilleri from Boston, Massachusetts


Keith Urban is a great entertainer and amazing talent. This is the 2nd time I have seen him and he was every bit as good this time around. His band is excellent and his friendly sincere style of interacting with the audience is second to none! We enjoyed this concert very much and will go to see him again when he comes around to the Boston area. If you have a chance to see his perform - DO IT!

5.0 star rating Monica Bourgette from Boston, Massachusetts


he engaged with the audience 100%, never stopped , just awesome! he was even a jokester at times, crazy music and guitar!

5.0 star rating Jennifer Showers from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Loved every second! His guitar playing is magic. We had a wonderful time. Lost 10 pounds dancing. Thank you Keith and band! Amazing show!

5.0 star rating Sandra from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Saw Keith Urban for the second time - he is a great performer , talented , personable, fun Highly recommend seeing him

5.0 star rating Jan Summers from Jacksonville, Florida


Keith Urban is the ultimate performer. He played for 2 1/2 hours with no break. He truly loves what he does. His interaction with the audience gave us a perspective of his character. He’s funny, humble, and incredibly talented. His guitar skills are phenomenal. I loved how he showcased his band mates, who obviously loved being there too. The crowd was rocking from start to finish. I was sad when it was over. Oh, and after it was over, he stayed and signed autographs. Who does that??

5.0 star rating Paul from Charlotte, North Carolina


Incredible Talent, Energy, Engagement with the Crowd, and Fun!!! They played for over 2.5 hours non-stop; sounded incredible; and seemed to be having so much fun. One of the best concerts I have seen!!

5.0 star rating Marxia from Virginia Beach, Virginia


Amazing! Entertainer of the year! 3rd time seeing him! Amazing amazing amazing !!

5.0 star rating Julie from Orange beach


I was literally blown away!! The best performer I have ever seen!! So engaged with his audience & a humble guy! This guy loves what he does and it clearly shows!! I want to see him again!!

5.0 star rating Carol Zavradinos from St. Louis, Missouri


I saw Keith Urban do things on a guitar I’ve NEVER seen before! He wailed! Unusual techniques & a rocker to the bone! But when it signed his acoustic guitar & handed it to a girl in the audience, well…. Forget about it !!!! Keith Urban for president!!

5.0 star rating Jeff from Detroit, Michigan


That was my first time seeing Keith Urban. Have always told my wife I wanted to see him because I think he is a great guitar player. And he did not disappoint in his concert that man is a great great guitar player loved every minute of the concert. Love how energetic the whole band was and Keith seems to be such a humble humble man. I will definitely see him again when he comes back to the D !

5.0 star rating Janice Hughes from Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Best show I have ever been to! I loved that he engaged with the audience. He’s such a kind man!

5.0 star rating Judy Norman from San Diego, California


Keith Urban put on an incredible amazing show! I’m so glad I spent the extra money to see him up close. He was charismatic and extremely talented! He was up and down those guitars which seem second nature to him. He surprised everyone by going down some isles and ending up in the lawn section. Many great songs were played there and he ended up giving his guitar away at the end of that part of the show! I will definitely go see him again! What a great great show!

5.0 star rating Dan Johancsik from Los Angeles, California


C'mon! Nobody's THAT good, right? I'm 71, seen everybody but I have never seen a show even remotely like that. Either that man's from another planet or I'm having a flashback from the sixties. I was stunned at every aspect of his performance. There are no holes in Keith's game. OMG! He even looks like a nice guy? A thousand thanks for such an uplifting evening. (Should be 11-Stars.)

5.0 star rating Linda Weiler from Los Angeles, California


The Forum Los Angeles I first saw Keith Urban in concert at the Colisseum in Las Vegas prior to COVID. I wasn’t familiar with his music or Keith. I was BOWLED OVER at his talent, his beautiful voice and the absolutely fabulous show. It was amazing. So I decided to see him again at the Forum in Los Angeles on September 10, 2022. If it is possible to say, the show was even better. If I characterized Keith Urban, it would be his heart. To me, he is a heart holding a guitar who creates gorgeous, beautiful music. He is love. He loves creating beautiful music from his heart, he loves all the people who attend his shows and generously presents them with an incredible show. He loves his band mates and celebrates by showcasing their wonderful talent. He shares. The show was AWESOME. He stayed after the show to sign autographs on boots, hats, phones, you name it. What a respect and appreciation for his fans and kindness because his fans matter as much to him as he matters to them and he lets them know it. So Mr Urban, thank you for sharing your beautiful heart and wonderful creative gifts your heart creates. Thank you for your generosity in presenting very long wonderful show. Thank you for sharing your beautiful heart. And thank you to Tyler Hubbard for his lovely and rousing, exciting and fun performance and thank you to Lindsey for her lovely performance. To all of you Keith, Taylor, Lindsey, the entire band, crew members, thank you for a fabulous show!!’

5.0 star rating Teresa Foster from Los Angeles, California


I have seen so many concerts in my life. Keith Urban was one of the best concerts I have been seen perform. Keith was funny, made us sing with him lol. My first Keith Urban concert. Cannot wait until the next time I attend his concert.

5.0 star rating from Los Angeles, California


I've been to hundreds of concerts. Was in marketing for MGM Las Vegas, NV from Rolling Stones to Prince. Keith Urban is the best show I've seen. I highly recommend this to everyone. The Forum September 10, 2022

5.0 star rating Durice Ladd from Saint Joseph Mo.


Keith urban concert last night was well over a 5 star wonderful entertainer! I can’t wait to see him again !

5.0 star rating from Atlanta, Georgia


Fabulous!!! First time attending Keith Urban's concert and will certainly not be the last. Old and young alike present to hear this extremely talented artist. He was so connected to his audience, a very humble and genuine human being! So much fun. Band mates were also outstanding musicians. Venue was accommodating, as well as the staff. Thank you Keith Urban!!!!

5.0 star rating Mtnthai from New York, New York


at 70 years old, i have seen some of the best bands on this planet from the age of '60s rock icons, through to world class entertainers on other continents. last night's show at UBS Elmont, NY was rockin'. so much fun, so much talent. Keith Urban delivers some of today's best music entertainment, and he does it for hours. i waited many years to have a chance and he delivered more than any fan could ask for. the new UBS Arena is also fantastic. a great, easy to get to (and out of), well planned and safe venue.

5.0 star rating Laurie from Salt Lake City, Utah


I have been to many concerts in the past & Keith Urban was definitely the BEST by far! I love how he includes the crowd as he performs, he makes everyone feel like he is thankful that we are there…like WE make his night! When he came back to the grassy area, he made it clear that we were just as important to him as the front row crowd! He is a GREAT performer; fun, humble, kind and full of energy! That smile! That voice! WOW, I will attend again next year!!

5.0 star rating Stephanie - forever fan from Utah from Salt Lake City, UT


I’ve lost count how many times I’ve seen Keith Urban and be never disappoints! Tonight’s performance was amazing, felt personal. I was able to leave the world outside for a couple of hours, much needed. The only bad thing were the dummies who threw their hats on the stage, nearly hitting Keith in the head. Can’t wait until the next concert, thanks to Keith Urban, his awesome band and road crew for a wonderful evening.

5.0 star rating Dr. Kathryn Gunduz from Atlantic City, New Jersey


Fantastic band and Keith is a top showman! Best concert I have seen in years!

5.0 star rating Sta-C from Pennsylvania


I’ve seen Keith perform ranging from tiny venues to stadiums. Not once have I left his concert disappointed. I always leave wanting more. He interacts with the crowd from start to finish, every song is unique to the tour (you get an experience more than just listing to the studio track live), his guitar prowess, and his his showmanship is unmatched. Above all else, he truly seems like an incredibly genuine, beautiful soul…oh and he’s EXTREMELY pleasing to the eyes 😍 Not good…phenomenal!

5.0 star rating Grille Girl from Atlantic City, New Jersey


Keith was so on Saturday night. He loved performing and engaged the audience. I loved the solos from his band members. Loved the big screens and close ups of his guitar playing. He rocked it that night. Best show ever all the way to his traditional confetti and performance to the end with never ending energy and exuberance.

5.0 star rating Brynne Gilligan from Atlantic City, New Jersey


Took hubby to his 1st KU concert (&1st concert in decades) Atlantic City- 9/23. I’m the big Keith Urban fan; hubby went for me. Now he’s a Keith fan too and will tell anyone, “that’s one talented guy! The best guitarist out there.” We danced, sang, listened and laughed- yes, Keith is funny too. Such a showman, unlimited energy, and radiates genuine kindness and humility. We had a condo in AC and when I asked to go see KU the 2nd night there, husband said SURE. A great night TWO nights in a row! Thanks Keith! If you get a chance- run don’t walk to see a Keith Urban concert!!

5.0 star rating Lynn Schuster from Milwaukee, Wisconsin


I have always loved Keith Urban's music, and his exceptional guitar skills, but have never had the pleasure of seeing him in concert until Summerfest - Jun 29! So engaging, so obviously happy playing the crowd, and then when sat down to chat with a young engaged couple in the front area, chatting about marriage, and asked if he was invited to wedding what would he sing. Young engaged couple said " Better Half"... and he sang to them. Just incredible. And then toward end of concert he actually came out into the crowd, to the amazement of everyone and played and shook hands, and gave a guitar to an older lady. Most impressive live show I have ever seen, and I have seen many. The faces of incredulity from the audience was priceless! They did not expect. The crowd went wild.

4.0 star rating Jared Keeler from Kansas City, Missouri


Very strong performance and excellent musicianship (he is really gifted). Keith put some great spin on what makes him so endearing to his fans, real country messages and imagery in storytelling. Towards the end of the show I found myself drifting a bit, but he wrapped up strong. Sprint Center acoustics are always pretty solid compared to other arenas I've seen shows in and an easy drop off by a friend is always welcome as much as the P&L entertainment district right across the street. Sprint employees are without fail professional and courteous making this a great venue to enjoy a show.

3.0 star rating G. Klein from Atlanta, Georgia


Keith Urban was great! The light show not so much! The lights were extremely distracting and just too much. They took away from the music and the stage. All of those lights and monitors are just not necessary if you have a talent like Keith. We came to hear the music not be entertained by the lights!

3.0 star rating Fossil rocker from Seattle, Washington


I do not listen or follow keith urban music, so i went with a friend who had tickets. I found his musical production too commercialized, other than his few acoustic numbers. my real shock was keith attempts at guitar solos were a mess, more flash and scratch , nothing aligned to song or the key without any composition. song endings very similar and need work. it appears that his musical arrangements are awkward and misaligned. he has a few songs that have been hits that are good. his music has taylor swift like poppines as well. I expected some country music but heard none. lots of vegas music influence arrangements as well. it appears that many songs share the same drum beat as well.. not what I would expect. keith has a solid singing voice and the technical abilities of a guitarist and bass guitarist. It all seems a disjointed production. more flashh than substance.

2.0 star rating Scott P. from Las Vegas, Nevada


This was the worst Vegas residency show we’ve seen. Too loud, too much guitar, and the strobe lights hideously distracting. Other than Fighter and Blue nary a country song to be heard. We left early with our ears ringing. Way too much time devoted to his band and their solos, etc. Save your money…

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