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Gabriel Iglesias Reviews

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Average customer review: 2.5 star rating (2.7 Stars)

Number of reviews: 55



5.0 star rating Island Girl fl keys Miami from Jacksonville, Florida


We need you to come to Miami Florida ypur Amazing please Island Girl

5.0 star rating from Los Angeles, California



5.0 star rating Sandy from Hershey, Pennsylvania


First time attending a fluffy performance, my girlfriend and I were in tears. He is a very funny dude. We recommend it. ....not only did we have a great laughter, we also got to see franky and him at the chocolate museum and were able to take some pictures with them. They were very humble and down to earth, that was an extra treat for us. Happy 20th anniversary!!

5.0 star rating Teri Morgenatern from Jacksonville, Florida


Fluffiness needed

5.0 star rating Sandra, I love Fluffy from Corpus Christi


Fluffy was awesome in Corpus Christi!! He has always been a story teller about his personal life circumstances. That is what I love about him!! I like his personal touch interaction with his audience. I hate reading how others lack empathy and complain about everything!! It is normal to see opening comic acts and 20 minute breaks, and various incidents to sell shirts and other money making merchandise!! Its called capitalism!! You people that are complaining must be democrats that need a 101 class on this subject. Please be quiet. I am so tired of people and their drama of how they "don't get what they pay for" comments! Inconsiderate spoiled rotten people that don't appreciate anything! I do Fluffy! You are a favorite in my book!

5.0 star rating ELIZA from New York, New York


He's a scream! He covered all bases and the stage was fantastic. Martin made his appearance. He was smart, funny, and he did not say one inprorate thing . Except for Chuleta (pork chop in Spanish). Lol. Go see him, you won't regret it. LOVE U FLUFFY 💓

5.0 star rating Fernando Lopez from Phoenix, Arizona


OMG! we had such a great time at Gabriel's Concert last night! All 3 comedians were hilarious and my family and I laughed the whole time! It was great to see Fluffy back in action and his new material is even funnier! He really connected with the home crowd and you can tell he was prepared to connect all the Phoenix suburbs into his act. Lots of fun was had last night! Thank you Fluffy!

5.0 star rating Brooke from Jacksonville, Florida


Had a horriable month and when my boyfriend bought me fluffy tickets. I smiled. I even smiled more when martin was there I didnt know this because I LOVE HIM. Ioved the fact that it was 2 hours after he was suppose to leave he didnt leave l can honestly say I never laughed so hard minus him having covid he still had such a good spirit and now thanks to him i know Spanish (ha) this place needed him and I will always be his number one fan! Thank you fluffy for hitting up Jacksonville we definitely needed you!!!!

5.0 star rating Exitstageleft from Tampa, Florida


Gabriel Iglesia gave Tampa a 2 hour set of all new material. Although his new material may have been more adult oriented than previous work, it was top notch. He is a wonderful story teller. His sound effects were great, and he performed himself for 2 hours. Plus there were warm up acts. Great show

5.0 star rating Jeff from Memphis, Tennessee


Fluffy's Memphis show at FedEx Forum was in front of a packed house. Show was hilarious, but the best part was that when he show should have been over at around d 11:00 p.m. he rode out the Tequila and stayed on stage until after midnight. Laughed all night. Can't wait until he returns. If you get a chance to see Fluffy don't hesitate.

5.0 star rating Julie Kennedy from San Jose, California


Iconic, hysterical, personal, sold out! Fluffy was a star on stage! This man is incredible with stories that come his heart and soul! At the 93 minute mark he asked us if we wanted him to keep going? San Jose we were blessed to have him on stage for 2.5 hours! Fluffy your are BEST!

5.0 star rating Melissa from Stockton, CA


We had a truly fun time. Well worth the unending line. He has lots of love from Stockton area! Can't wait to see his special at the Dodgers stadium 💙 😍

5.0 star rating Rita Mess from Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Loved every minute of it. Awesome family night. Laughing and enjoying the show with loved ones. Definitely should check it out. Worth the wait. It has been 2 and half years since tickets were purchased. The last hour of the show Fluffy shared a toast and some more laughs. Thanks for a great night. 👍 ❤️

5.0 star rating Marz Blomquist from Los Angeles, California


I like Fluffy comedy specials. The other shows prior were a little funnier but this was good too.

5.0 star rating Christian from San Jose, California


Enjoyed every minute of the show.

5.0 star rating Karen Austin from Lexington, Kentucky


Great show at Rupp Areans, couldn’t stop laughing

4.0 star rating Chris from Danbury, CT


Fluffy was awesome and the lead up comedians were really good.

4.0 star rating from Raleigh, NC


Long time fan, always found him funny and last night was no different. Saw him in Raleigh on 3/9/24. I would rate 5 stars but he finally came out 1.5 hrs after scheduled start time. Had 2 comedians, Martin plus a local; ad for merch; and intermission before the actual show. But otherwise loved it.

3.0 star rating Blue from Atlanta, Georgia


I am a big fan and have loved him since I was in highschool. I had booked these 400$ tickets hoping for a great show by my favorite comedian. Definitely didn't get that. My mom and I arrived early and the show was supposed to start at 8. It started 8:15. Marteen came out first and did a bit. He wasn't that funny imo. Then the second guy came out and I laughed a with him some. Afterwards a 20min intermission and then finally fluffy came out. He was funny in the beginning mom and I laughed and so did the audience but after it hit around 10 when the show was supposed to have ended fluffy decided to go on and have a "hang out" with us. He basically got sloppy drunk and told stories that were rather unfunny. Mom was snoring on my shoulder after that. He even made a vulgar cork joke when a 14-16 yr old girl asked for his cork from the liquor bottle he was drinking from. After watching him down 5-6 shots we left early and so did a lot of others. Found out later he downed the entire bottle. I think he needs to get his act together. Take time off ,go to therapy (not on stage), and he the metal help and rest you need Gabriel. I am throughly disappointed. 12/02/2021

3.0 star rating Disappointed former fan from Memphis, Tennessee


Serious drinking problem being displayed in front of the audience. Very poor taste. Need to seek professional help for learning how to handle emotional pain in a less destructive way. I waited 20 yrs to see Fluffy in person and was so disappointed in his performance. The fans were definitely cheated.

3.0 star rating Cap10art from Memphis, Tennessee


Wife and I went to see fluffy for the third time in the past 25 years last night in Memphis. The first time was in Miami at the improv, then in Jedda when we lived there. I feel sorry for my latin brother. We like the posse he ran with in the early years. not so much now. You can tell when the show went into overtime and he had two young girls open a bottle of booze and then he poured himself a boat load on stage it wasn't for show. We believe the break up hit him really hard, it was obvious compared to his previous shows. Its shame because it's the alcohol that stared him down that road. We hope and pray he seeks help, we would not like to see him go down the same path that Robin Williams did. May he R.I.P.

3.0 star rating Dennis from Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Saw Fluffy on 7/30 at Hard Rock in Broward. I have seen him live twice before and most of his online stuff. I was somewhat disappointed. One thing I like about Fluffy is that he typically include political stuff, except for maybe talking about Dave, his driver. Then the show started with Martin doing a boring standup political bs about vaccines - a waste, he should stick to being an MC. After another comic doing a 20 minute routine there was a 20 break, not really needed. Overall, Gabriel was not his old self. His stories didn't have the zing they usually have. All being said, I'd give him a pass this time and I give him another shot at seeing him live.

3.0 star rating Bud Singh from Fresno, California


Fluffy put on a descent show last night. The marketing campaign by Martin was torture. I also didn't pay to see other hack comedians or 20 minute intermission between shows. Gabriel was good not great.

3.0 star rating Vicky from Eugene, Oregon


The first half of his show was soooo boring. He seemed sad and disconnected. Then it got a bit better. I guess what I was expecting was the videos of him on YouTube

3.0 star rating Judy S from Sacramento, California


I thought Fluffy’s show would be like his YouTube videos. All his talk about guns depressed me. I don’t find killing people funny. We had terrific seats in The Golden One, the sound and lighting was perfect.

3.0 star rating Antonio from Denver, Colorado


5/19/2024. I couldn't believe that they were selling merch not even 1 hr into the openers portion of the show, and to add insult to injury they had a meet and greet for 30 minutes!!! We paid to go see him promote his side business of merch and meets & greets backstage!!! He is very funny but I'd rather watch him online than live

2.0 star rating Jonathan from Dallas, Texas


Let me say - I LOVE Fluffy and have seen him numerous times (Vegas, Dallas, Oklahoma). But this show was just not his best. I understand he has had a rough year, but he needs to understand we pay good money to "forget" our problems and laugh. Not be told for an hour about his problems, his issues, his challenges. This isn't a therapy session. If he needs to take time off and recharge - do it. Don't do it at the expense of the fans. There was ONLY one funny moment when he took a "request" from a fan in the audience to repeat a story he did about his VW bug and "MAARTEN!" The crowd loved it and we all participated. Otherwise, I feel he only came out because the show was sold out and felt he "had to perform". Get some rest, Go to therapy - HEAL!. Then bring back the Fluffy we know, love and want. I could have watched YouTube and laughed more. FOR FREE! Also, the opening act - PLEASE drop it. It didnt warm up the crowd at all!

2.0 star rating Rick Baker from Vancouver, British Columbia


A few things - his opening act was funny enough but then a 20 minute intermission? For what? So, we hoped when Fluffy came on it would be worth the wait. As said by someone else, they spent far too much time flogging Tshirts and other stuff. No need. Then Fluffy came on and told stories. It was funny enough, but then it was over, barely an hour. The Q&A was okay but overall I'm sorry I went. Wasn't worth the $100

2.0 star rating Kat and Rye from Fort Myers, Florida


Went to see Fluffy at Sun coast in Ft Myers last night 4/28/19. I was so excited for the show and his new material. In the past his material busted my gut. This time I felt deflated and saddened that i was listening to a long story. A few jokes here and there but mostly the crowd was quiet. We left early along watching others do the same saying how too they were disappointed. Sorry about the bad review but the truth must be told.

2.0 star rating Stacey from Boise, Idaho


Fluffy is a fave of mine but last nights show was a major let down. Like most on here have said, an unnecessary 20 min intermission and no real comedy. We went looking forward to leaving with our stomach muscles aching from all the laughter but left feeling robbed.

2.0 star rating Danielle from Boston, Massachusetts


The theatre had little to no heat so my husband and I were cold. First comedian was awful. 2nd comedian was hillarious. Calling all fat people to the stage was inappropriate. As a healthcare professional-I feel bad, my heart goes out to Gabriel as it was obvious he has had a tough few years, however, though I am appreciative that he went over time by 45 minutes, he wasnt funny. It was like the audience was his shrink as he just got so emotional on the stage about was like 2 hours of story telling and not comedy. I think he needs to take a break and get his self together. Sending love-

2.0 star rating B. Ogle from Los Angeles, CA


I have to agree on a few reviews! Event started at 8 pm - had about 3 comedians that were not so great which we didn’t pay to see! Then we get the announcement that there’s an intermission for 25 minutes before Fluffy comes out! People were booing! Let’s just say, Fluffy came on at 10 PM! My friend passed OUT asleep! Lol Our group (6) decided to leave earlier. And we are all Fluffy fans..! Pretty disappointing since there were 45,000 people at the Dodger Stadium!

2.0 star rating Janice from Tucson, Arizona


I love Fluffy but last night was disappointing. The 60 minute break before Fluffy came out was not what I expected! Sale items and the meet and greet should be done after the show not with thousands of people sitting and waiting. Just my opinion.

2.0 star rating Marshall from Knoxville, Tennessee


I had never seen Fluffy in person. I've seen him for years on YouTube and spent a lot of time laughing. I wish I could say the same for the show at the Knoxville, Tennessee coliseum. I don't read about celebrities or their life situations. My wife and I just wanted an evening out to laugh. What we got to see was an individual who conducted self-therapy on stage for most of the show. If I had wanted that I would have gone to a family reunion. I think I'll just stick too YouTube bits in the future and save the money and time that I wasted on this. If it had not been for a couple of early comedians they're probably wouldn't been much to laugh at in the show. I hope Fluffy gets the therapy he needs and gets back to being funny on stage. The Knoxville coliseum is a pain to to go to anytime you have to go there. Let's just say the building and seating are old, the roads are few, and everyone was headed for a couple of people scanning barcodes and credit cards when parking your car. Because of this the backups were all the way into downtown Knoxville and back to I-40 through town. There were no officers at the intersections closest to the venue so everything just packs into the intersections and nothing moves at all for long periods of time. With getting there being a pain and then the headliner of the show being in self-therapy on stage, I wish I had stayed home and watched bits on YouTube.

1.5 star rating Not Happy from Nashville, Tennessee


We did not enjoy the lead up comedians. It was hot and very crowded.

1.0 star rating James from Albuquerque, New Mexico


Went to the show on July 6th. Terrible. I paid $3 for a bottle of water and that was more than I should have paid for the entire show. Be prepared for a lot of white people criticism (anticipated) and not funny 'observations' about other crap. I understand why one of his rules is not videos of the show as he wouldn't want that unfunny stuff on the internet. Really sad as I had a lot of hope for a fun evening. His bitching about the casino management wasn't funny. i understand that he doesn't prepare (write) for the show but maybe he should. Disappointing. My tix were a gift so now I'm searching for something equally crappy to re-gift. I guess 1 star is the lowest rating. I wish there were negative ratings.

1.0 star rating Dallas big Guy from Dallas, Texas


Let me start by saying that I'm a huge fluffy fan and was looking forward to the event date to see a great comedy show (so I thought) I was extremely disappointed from the opening act to when the headliner came out, we ended up leaving 15 mins early after the continuous story telling wouldn't stop and no jokes were being told I've seen and enjoyed his material for years but he dropped the ball at this show, I won't spend $ for another of his shows ever again, seemed to me like no effort was put into the material and artist only cared about filling the seats up

1.0 star rating Spencer from Kalamazoo, Michigan


Boring. No material. I fell asleep between the couple of laughs. Not at all worth the money. All 4 of us walked out early along with everyone around us. Prime example of a comedian who has run out of good material and sucking every last penny out of his fans.

1.0 star rating Jerod from Dallas, Texas


Went to see fluffy last night at American Airlines center 2/9/19. All he did was tell stories of crap from his past. Nothing was written , it was obvious! The most preparation was from the backdrop decorations. I’ve seen a lot of stand up in my days , and this guy sucks! I’m well rounded , I’ve seen Jim Gaffigan , Dane cook , Aziz Ansari, to name a few and Gaffigan is still king! The very best! Go see him! Don’t waste your money on “ fluffy” he’s just trying to drain every last bit of money as a washed up comedian with obviously no material at all. It was unprepared, half assessed , way of showing off his last 20 years of accomplishments. All he did was tell old stories of his past comedic experiences. WASTE of money!! If I hadn’t had taken an Uber from the rustic with a group of friends me and my wife would’ve left after 30 mins . But we were nice and beared through it! Oh my wife drifted off to sleep at one point !

1.0 star rating Brian D from Vancouver, British Columbia


I have always liked Fluffy and his act when I have seen him on Netflix and on any of his specials but he was not at his best for the show in Vancouver. No real material prepared and he basically mailed in his show. Barely did 45-50 minutes of material then opened up the floor to questions. That seemed to be fill the time but he kept pointing out he had finished his required time and this was a bonus for the fans. This was a waste of time as there were numerous people trying to yell over top of each other from the crowd. I didn't pay to see him sign autographs or take photos with people instead of performing. We finally got frustrated and left. Didn't appreciate the flogging of his merchandise after the opening comedian's act followed by an unnecessary 20 minute break. Fluffy used to be humble but I think his ego has got the better of him. A lot of the show was him talking about how successful and wonderful he is now. Not a lot of laughs and I won't pay to see him again.

1.0 star rating Joanne Bidewell from Vancouver, British Columbia


This was such a waste of an evening out. He started out by saying he didn't want to do the same material as his Netflix special and then went on to do no material at all. It appeared he hadn't prepared anything and spent his time on stage telling us how great he was. Mid show he even had them do a 'commercial' where he flogged his t shirts. Don't waste your money on seeing this guy. He thinks fame is enough and he is sadly mistaken

1.0 star rating Pablo Remos from Los Angeles, California


Let me start by saying My family and I are Big fluffy fans. The show started @ 8:00 p.m. My girls could barely sit still in there seats. Out gomes a horrible comedian who hosted the show followed by 3 not so good comedians I didn't pay to see. Then comes the 20 minute intermission....LOL really! Ok so finally he comes out and it was ok spent more time talking about his problems. He went on to talk about his family, his recent breakup and how he's making a bunch of money with Netflix. Awesome! Happy for the guy but I thought I paid $200 p/ seat for him to make me laugh? Tries to end the show and the host tells him to keep going. Soooo! He started reciting some of his old jokes and the crowd repeats along with him. I couldn't be happier for him and all of his success but REALLY? I felt ripped off. It seams like he's expecting to be paid for very little effort or work. Even if he had spent more time on stage just talking to the audience WHO paid to see him would have been great . 2 hour show 20 minute intermission 3 unknown comedians you didn't pay to see and he comes out and cries about his life for 45 minutes. Sorry to write this kind of review Gabriel but I will stick to watching you on T.V.

1.0 star rating Maria Gonzalez from Orlando, Florida


Very disappointing show, I went with all my family, we loved his shows on Netflix, so we want to experience a live show, what a surprise, no funny at all, it was vulgar at one point, when he pointed that the rest of the show was free because he has already fulfilled his obligations, that was a cue to leave, instead I made the mistake of staying. Fluffy show is not a family friendly any more. I’m so sorry that he have change, he was great, now he is just like every comedian.

1.0 star rating Nicole from Detroit, Michigan


I was so excited for a night out to see one of my favorite comedians. I’m the kind of person that generally finds life pretty funny, so it doesnt take much to make me have fun at a comedy show. We got to Detroit early, had a great dinner, fun at one of the pubs...and should have ended the night there. Our tix said the show started at 7, so we headed to the theater at 6:30 where we found a huge line of freezing people standing outside. They wouldn’t open the doors until 7!! Would have been nice to know. Then, the opening acts were lackluster and hard to hear. Finally after a 20 min intermission between acts, I thought ok, now it’s gonna get good. But, I felt more like I was watching Dr. Phil (which might have been more fun) because it was a big sob fest about his marriage ending. Gabriel, I love your normal material, but maybe focus more on your dogs or the humor in your new bachelor life...or take a break. We left early after a fight broke out in the seats behind us!

1.0 star rating Christopher Ortman from Indianapolis, Indiana


Looong time former fan. Three openers, one was mildly amusing, one vulgar and rude, and one straight from the 80's with bad dad jokes. His show was pretty much dreadful and repetitive. Except the part where a girl said the punchline to his joke that has been on two of his specials, and he BERATED HER TO TEARS. She left, as well as about 10 other people. For saying the punchline to one joke. The rest of the 20 minutes or so were him apologizing because he had a bad day but still made time to come to Indianapolis and "gift us with his time". Shortest applause at the end that I have ever heard. Most people left angry. I haven't been able to watch any of his material since. Lost a fan for life over that. Honestly acted like a drunken bully.

1.0 star rating Savannah from Atlantic City


I agree with a lot of the other reviews.. we saw him in Atlantic City.. wasn’t that funny, alot of political crap, I felt like i was at a Ted talk at one point… too much chat about his love life issues.. we sat there for THREE hours total before getting up and awkwardly leaving… just like you read in other reviews, same thing happened this time for the show I was at..after going past the end time he brings out a bottle and drinks an entire bottle of tequila and continues.. then makes a joke (several times) out of a couple who sat front row and ended up leaving .. such a weird awkward show

1.0 star rating Patricia from Foxwoods, CT


Terrible and disappointing. I am 48 yrs old and went with 4 teens. We were all very excited to see Fluffy for the first time. Terrible. Doors didn’t open until the show was supposed to start-so 45 mins delay. Opening acts were fair. Then a 20 min intermission -that was 45 mins-was unnecessary. Gabriel picked on fans in the crowd in a mean way. People left during the show-which is what we should have done. He was not funny. Felt like a therapy session. As a healthcare professional he needs to work on himself as definitely not in the right mind set. Very very disappointing

1.0 star rating TK from Fort Lauderdale, FL


The show at The Hard Rock in Hollywood was terrible. Two other comedians before he came on, then intermission and finally a very disappointing performance by Fluffy. The stories dragged on forever!!! Not even close to what I’ve seen on his tv specials, which were always so funny and made me laugh non stop.

1.0 star rating Ms Lynn from Las Vegas, Nevada


We anticipated a fun laughter filled night. Fluffy usually has us tears in the eyes laughing, not tonight. To think Martin’s small bit was the best of the night is Sad. After paying very good money for the tickets I wish there was a “Return” option. Tonight Fluffy told of stories, yes a few snickers, but nothing stomach ache laughing. It’s a Comedy show, I want to laugh and forget about the outside world for a second. He told of a home burglary, a family personal issue (his father.) I hate to say it but, I wish I never bought tickets. I will from now on only watch him on you tube, it was not worth the trip expense to have this type of show. The applause at the end had to be out of respect for what he has done in the past, but not for tonight. Even the people seated around us did not laugh during Fluffys section. Just my opinion. Good part was, parking was Free

1.0 star rating Alyssa from Seattle, Washington


The reviews here are spot on. This was not a good show. We only had 2 opening acts, then Martin came out for 10+ mins to display the merchandise that was for sale, and then we had a 20min intermission which was actually 35mins. Fluffy came out and did some crowd work for 5min, which was the only funny part, and then told drawn out stories for 90mins about Gordon Ramsey, his house being burglarized, and his relationship ending/his single life. They weren’t funny and had no punch lines. This was the first comedy show where I left and my face didn’t hurt from laughing. It was also a bummer that kids under 10 were allowed to be there. They were bored out of their minds and falling asleep. One kid was humming a song for a while, and I enjoyed listening to that more closely than Fluffy. This show was a major disappointment and I wish I could get my money back. Also a slap in the face when he said THANKS to the audience for paying for his 4 bathroom home. WTF.

1.0 star rating Disappointed in Reno from Reno, Nevada


fluffy is one of my son's favorite comedians so I got tickets for his birthday, paid extra for floor seating, this was a big mistake they had the chairs touching each other so you ended up bumping arms and elbows with people on both sides, to the point where it was so uncomfortable we ended up leaving 30 minutes into Gabriel's show, if your a smoker you can forget going out they won't let you back in and the parking is horrible. If you brought younger children they got to hear some very crude jokes from the first comedians, too many people for such a small event center, the whole experience was awful and we won't be wasting anymore money going to fluffy or this event center again.

1.0 star rating M.d. from Reno, Nevada


I went to see fluffy for the first time in Reno on 11/11/23 and it was not funny at all.

1.0 star rating Brandon from Sacramento, California


Show starts at 8pm???? Nobody comes out till 8:20pm “Openers” for about an hour. Tried to sell merch….on stage wow this is the worst entertainment of my life. 20 minute bathroom break. We left after this it was a lot of fluff and no fluffy. Junk junk junk. We saw Fluffy 20 years ago at The Punchline. I’ll think of that experience and stick with Netflix specials. Going to a live event of his is garbage.

1.0 star rating Michael hubbard from Chicago, Illinois


i wasnt offended it jsut mad me cry. i waited for this 2024 in may in denver and it ruined gabriel for me. a decade of fandom and love and apreciation gone. martins always bad and out of touch with reality hes done bad drugs. nothing he said made me laugh. he got close when he joked about asking if he was so fat he was in the plural. he doesnt even feel good poking at gimself it felt like. i wanted to cry because i tried for 35 minutes to enjoy myself and every talk just made me unhappy and decide nore i needes to leave becauae nothing would let me enjoy this show brcause he wrote a bad one the first time. is it karma for being to mean to a powerless child he tried to check frequently. i had to try to laugh till i frigging cried

1.0 star rating C Patton from Hollywood Florida


Very disappointing it was all about Netflix not about us seeing him. Made to wait till really late. Then it was all about instructions on we can and can't do. So sorry I won't buy tickets ever again.

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