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Amy Schumer Reviews

Comedy & Stand-up

Average customer review: 2.0 star rating (2.0 Stars)

Number of reviews: 40



5.0 star rating HR from Chicago, Illinois


Loved her material. Very happy I went. Seat location (section 214) had a good view too, but it would have been hard to get out of the arena in case of an emergency. Also wish we had parked anywhere other than near the West gate, since they wouldn't allow people to use to as an exit after the show.

5.0 star rating Diane from Austin, Texas


She's taken her shtick to a new level. She brought it to a crescendo very quickly and gains your trust, then brings it down to an even simmer for the rest of the show. I haven't laughed that hard in a long, long time!

5.0 star rating Grace from Boston, Massachusetts


Hysterical!!! Went with my daughters and never stopped laughing!! Lots of raunchy topics but transcended grossness as only true funny can do. The BEST!

5.0 star rating from Beaverton, Oregon


I’ve read so many negative reviews, but I absolutely loved Amy here in Portland on Thursday night. She talks about things nobody else does in a way I doubt anyone would talk. I was a huge smile all the way through the over an hour show when I wasn’t laughing out loud which is rare for me. By the way, the nearly sold out crowd I was part of gave Amy a resounding standing ovation. We had to put our phones in those pouches as well, but those who have taped shows are to blame for that.

4.0 star rating Marlo from Culver ,Ind


Amy didn't disappoint! People who were offended obviously haven't been see her act. She did seem a little tired, but it's expected she is pregnant. Material was fresh and she still cute as ever

4.0 star rating Maura White from Portland, Oregon


I saw earlier reviews that said the show wasn't good, but I loved her last show so went in with an open mind. She connects with her crowd and was funny, real, and the show flowed smoothly. Not sure why she wore a blue jumpsuit that looked like prison garb, except maybe to show that all body sizes after having babies are great? Both her opening acts were hilarious. Only negative is the stupid phone in a pouch thing which created long lines to get in and some people probably didn't get in until after the show started. Plus, in Schnitzer there was no clear direction how to exit so groups of people ended up going in a hallway with no outlet. Lines were too long to even think about getting a drink. There should have been way more bars. Crowd control gave us little pieces of blue paper with our seats on them because after our tickets were scanned and phones locked there was no way of looking at tix again. So don't lose that paper lol. If a fire broke out, lots of deaths would have happened.

3.0 star rating Michele from Chicago, Illinois


She was hilarious. She talks about things that women really talk about when we are with friends and sometime don't talk about with friends. Would recommend to anyone who liked her movies. Allstate Arena, too much for parking. Should've walked from Chillis.

3.0 star rating Shannon from Denver, Colorado


I love Amy Amy Schumer but she just did not seem like herself. Had to keep looking over at her notes for her jokes and just didn’t seem like she really wanted ti be there. I’d still go see her again, I just hope she learns ti enjoy just being funny again.

3.0 star rating Joanne from New Jersey


Amy I love you and your comedies but your show was only 45minutes long. I think your the best in women comedians and expected more from your show. I think someone passed out in the audience and that threw you off guard and it was hard to get back in the groove. I still love you and your the best but please keep us laughing for a lot longer for your shows. We pay to see you.

3.0 star rating ES from Providence, Rhode Island


Love Amy's shows and was looking forward to seeing her. The opening act was frankly better. Amy's dress and set were about low effort as possible (black curtain with a few spots washing it), she seemed low energy and had a music stand with notes on it, which she kept checking. Show seemed like a lot of random stuff, not a set of well string together jokes. I would note that her shows require using those cell phone bags so people can't record the material - they are a huge hassle and there was nothing worth recording. PS, after they take your phones AND smartwatches, they put up a slide before the show with a QR code to scan - what am I supposed to scan IT WITH?

3.0 star rating Jamie from Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Loved the Miller High Life Theatre but Amy Schumer was lacking. She kicked out two people which seemed to have distracted her. There were two big screens next to the stage that I wish they were streaming her on. Would have been easier to see (was in the Meszz center). We are huge fans and have never seen her live. We were disappointed.

2.0 star rating Hillar from Chicago, Illinois


Really loved her television show, bought the tickets months ago and honestly could not give one of them away. She still seems to have a crazy sense of humor but PLEASE give the politics a break. If you are incapable of doing homework on a subject leave it for restaurant talk with like minded friends. She has kind of morphed into Rosie O'Donell in a short time which is a shame.

2.0 star rating Taken advantage of from Baltimore, Maryland


After cancelling in Nov...I guess I was expecting too much. She totally phoned it in. Seemed to not know her material. If she is too pregnant to perform then why rip us all off. 4 openers...then less than an hour of Amy. LAME. Never again!!!!

2.0 star rating Sam from Denver, Colorado


the 2 ladies that opened for Amy were way funnier.. unfortunately Amy was not funny... had such high hopes going to the show.. 😒

2.0 star rating JoAnn Makin from Montreal, Quebec


I was so stoked to see Amy Schumer this summer because I loved her in movies and thought she was hilarious! What a disappointment when she came across as being almost bored like she just wanted to get the show over with, constantly referring to notes like an amateur who hadn’t even bothered to read over the material. For a comedian of her experience and success I think her audience deserved a polished performance that reflects the talent she does have. Just because it’s a small venue she needs to remember that every person there paid to see someone they admired and deserved a performance delivered like a professional. Very disappointed that she came across like she couldn’t be bothered to make the effort and didn’t care.

2.0 star rating Rhea O’Brien from Providence, Rhode Island


I was so excited to see Amy’s show and I hate to throw shade however it just wasn’t fun at all. I tried to find the positive and just couldn’t. Amy - you are so much better than talking about your insecurities. You are are so beautiful and strong and thought it would be about women hear me roar and “whore” tour. Don’t worry about the 8 year old girl in the front row and put an age limit on your show. 45 mins was way too short for a ladies night out. Spent that much to see Springsteen and he was out for 2.5 hours

2.0 star rating Pamela from Providence, Rhode Island


Amy is a very talented comedian, but her show in Providence RI was what I would call ordinary. Nothing hilarious, nothing new, material was average. Sad but true. Not what I expected at all.

2.0 star rating Ted from Providence, Rhode Island


Well, I can now tell my adult children that it’s simply not worth rolling the dice to spend $98/per for tix to see even one of your most favorite comedians in a live venue. Of course she’s great, but not tonight (10/2/22). She seemed so bored, so absolutely done with standup. What’s with reading from notes on a music stand next to her on the stage? I’m not making this up. Pathetic. PPAC should also be called out for allowing a minor to attend (8 years old!) I’m not a prude but seriously, she was in the front row no less. It seemed to really throw Schumer—it seemed like the venue gave her yet another excuse to blow her routine with this bad decision because she really seemed nonplussed by having a kid staring up at her. Again, what a flop. She seemed like she couldn’t wait to be done so she could collect her fee and move on to another city. Read the recent New Yorker article about her—I think she’s cashing in before dropping out. Too bad for her, too bad for my wallet.

2.0 star rating Sarah H from Providence, Rhode Island


The show started late and they had everyone wait outside in the cold until the last possible second. We missed the opening act completely because of this. Amy started off funny but then seemed distracted by the audience (seriously - who brings an 8 year old to the Whore tour…). She seemed to change her act to be less obscene - which we had come to see! She ended after 30 minutes or so which was really short. Tickets were not cheap. A disappointment overall.

2.0 star rating Ruben Alcala Jr. from Oakland CA


The show was really short. She was onstage for about 45min and that was funny and all but it wasn’t that long or worth the ticket price. There was an opening performer but we didn’t get to see the full act because the Paramount was disorganized and we didn’t get in the theater until 20min after the show started, even though we were at the venue a half hour before the show started. I think next time I’ll stay home and watch on my TV.

1.0 star rating Anonymous from Seattle, Washington


Amy's. Jokes were very low class, nothing intelligent. I regret wasting my time. Never again. Get a brain, Amy.

1.0 star rating R Weil from Chicago, Illinois


Shame on Amy Schumer and Chicago Theater for not pre-warning people before this show of very limited viewing, as this was being taped for an A S television special. We could not see 90% of the visual performance. Additionally, the distraction by the moving film cameras and film crew added to the frustration. I assure you we would have sought other seats or declined the performance. Amy and chicago Theater prosper and we missed the show.

1.0 star rating Monica Del from Las Vegas, Nevada


What a rip off!!! Tickets so expensive. Amy Schumer so tired and boring. SHE DIDN'T EVEN TRY. What an insult to spend good money on a bored, boring and tired comedian. For a late 30's person, she came off like someone in her early 60's. Tired, old fashioned insights. "Raise your boys to be sensitive..." As if that's a new idea and not something that people have been trying and preaching for the last 10-20 years at least. Not to mention, IT'S NOT FUNNY! I empathize with how tired being pregnant can make you, but that is no excuse for phoning it in and pocketing my money. I worked while pregnant, and I had to bring it! THERE IS NOTHING FUNNY ABOUT THIS SHOW.

1.0 star rating M. Cesario from Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Complete disappointment. She was not funny at all. Rape isn't funny. Yelling at the crowd . Horrible performance. Never again.

1.0 star rating Annie from Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Amy acts like a has been. I could not wait for the show to be over. It was a waste of my time and money. Boring and full of herself. Come back when you care about the audience that is paying money to see you. Sad, she used to be funny. Get high on your own time Amy.

1.0 star rating Sue Lynne from Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Amy obviously did not care about her fans or audience. She didn’t even have the courtesy to learn what city she was in and saying Hello Miami. She seemed high and paused too many times trying to figure what to say. No one laughed and all five of us felt like it was a complete waste of money. Our drive down took longer than her routine lasted. We also waited in such a long line due to the fact that she insisted that everyone have black out covers on their cells. Her jokes were crude and insulting. Negative 1 star. Don’t waste your money or your time with Amy Schumer.

1.0 star rating RM from Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Short and disappointing. Cost more than better known comics who deliver.

1.0 star rating Angela Russo from New York, New Yor


Amy Schumer seemed completely bored and gave the impression that she really did not want to be at her own show. Her material was old - heard it on SNL. It was a waste of money. She kept knocking downtown and the beautiful venue. I was very disappointed.

1.0 star rating Megan from New York, New York


Not only did Amy seem like she didn’t prepare for her show but she was completely distracted by the open air environment. Her jokes weren’t even good and she kept getting sidetracked and refocusing the audience on the helicopters and other distractions. She also couldn’t wait to get off the stage. Only about 20 minutes in, she asked what time it was. The comedian Rachel who was on before her was far better!

1.0 star rating from Seattle, Washington


Simply put---it was not a good performance. I have always enjoyed Amy (that is why I bought tickets) but her performance and material was boring and for the most part, not funny. She seemed to be just going through the motion and not really engaged with the audience.

1.0 star rating LK from Denver, Colorado


We only saw 25 min of the show and so did a lot of people because the line was around the building to even get in. Not knowing the performance started. The cell phone in a protected case and minimal metal security was the hold up and quite frankly an awful experience. No communication to the artist or the team that there was a huge line of people still waiting to get in. Awful demand a refund. Never again.

1.0 star rating Shelley Gross from Denver, Colorado


We went to Amy so sure she would be hilarious after cancelling the first tour date we were supposed to go to! Then we wait in the longest line and had to put our phones in a metal case which took forever and was just silly! And only to get in and have her opening act better and longer than hers! She was only about 45 min long and it took us longer to drive to see her! She seemed bored and tired and kept saying jokes about wanting to be home in bed! So maybe she can refund our $150 so we can feel better about how bad she wanted to be in bed!

1.0 star rating Linda from Tampa, Florida


Sorry Amy, I always liked you and your humor, but I don’t think you were up to performance level for this show. Your were late, but still didn’t add that time on at the end. Like you said I would have rather been home with my dog! Seats were terrible, couldn’t see the stage, cigarette smell was horrible! I wouldn’t recommend the venue.

1.0 star rating Delray Beach x fans from Delray Beach , Florida


She was late to the show. She looked like she just left a night in jail. I am so disappointed I waited a year for this. Her delivery was lame. Her jokes weren’t in sync. She mentioned the city Hollywood then you can tell she was confused and started saying miami. She didn’t even know where she was it was so short I couldn’t believe it was over she was like ok goodbye I’m completely disappointed. I spent a lot of money to have good sears I want my money back

1.0 star rating Sharmi B Dutta from Providence, Rhode Island


Amy schumer's show at Providence was a total waste of money. The show was supposed to start at 5 at Providence Center of Arts , but they kept everyone waiting outside in a huge queue in freezing cold weather , for well over 40 mins. The show didn't start until almost 6pm and by 6:40 Amy Schumer said goodbye and the show was done. Repetitive jokes , not funny , she super low energy and just disconnected and disinterested overall. Complete waste of money !

1.0 star rating Deb from Providence,RI


I went to the show last night was not impressed. She really wasn’t good at all not funny. Iv’e laughed more seeing a show at the comedy connection. I feel like she sold her fans out the venue was to big what so she stand there for 45” are you kidding me!! We were there early and yet she was already on stage when we finally got to our seats. Thats another story the line was so long will not he going there again & really taking our phones what are we children? Amy it’s to bad fame & money are more important then the fans who got you where u are today! No longer a Amy Schumer fan not on TV or in person!

1.0 star rating Nicole from Dallas, Texas


I feel like an idiot! Show was ridiculously short she had about a 30 min routine. It seemed like she didn’t give a shit about her fans and wanted to go home. Locking the phones up was ridiculous as well. Total waste of time and money. I am not a fan anymore. So dissapointed.

1.0 star rating Barbara Boss from Oakland, California


Not funny - hard to watch save your coins!

1.0 star rating Debbie Sanchez from Oakland California


Amy Schumer has lost her zeal for comedy. She was dry, slow, unenthused. She showed up for a paycheck NOT a performance. Show was under an hour. I feel ripped off $!!!! Travel fees, dinner feed, and blocks if lines at 7:30 for a show that starts at at 7pm It took Paramount too in long for entry and hundreds missed the first act. Where is do I get a refund

1.0 star rating Kriss R from Oakland, CA


Ridiculously botched!!Getting to the theater at 6:40 for 7pm!! With the line outside for blocks!!! Ticket ushers telling us they were having technical difficulties! I said you mean Amy isn’t ready & they laughed! I was pissed that once we got into the theater @ 7:20pm there was an opening act finishing up! Amy wasn’t even on stage fir an hour! Amy tell your weak P***Y comments to your husband! Total RIP & waste of my time!


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