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Leon Bridges Reviews

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Average customer review: 2.0 star rating (2.2 Stars)

Number of reviews: 42



5.0 star rating Anonymous from Austin, Texas


Leon Bridges is an incredible talent. His songwriting is superb and his music has a sound all his own. The band was excellent and really added a richness to his musicto his music. Loved the stage, lights, and dance moves. I loved the growth in his music. The opening act was a really innovative band Masego that I’d go to see again. Had a wonderful time and his fans loved him!

5.0 star rating David Plihal from Washington, District of Columbia


Came to this show with not a lot of introduction; it was a birthday gift for my daughter, who adores him. I like everything so game for whatever. All I really heard previous was Smooth Sailing, which is a fantastic, sleek and jazzy tune. This guy just seems like the real thing. The show was fantastic, the venue was perfect. He wasn't a presumptuous STAR but rather a natural talent who seemed to shy away from the limelight but knew he had a job to do and did it well- a throwback to all kinds of things- I saw and heard the influences of Aaron Neville, Elvis Presley, Sam Cooke and Miles Davis all rolled into one dynamic yet clunky and sweet performer who was true and beautiful all at once. We had a great time. This guy has miles to go and happy to have been near him.

4.0 star rating Anonymous from Baltimore, Maryland


Very good show. The opening act, to me, lacked consistency in the sound they produced. It did, however, only make the headliner that much more enjoyable. The crowd was extremely diverse, covering just about every demographic. Lots and lots of women!!!! Leon Bridges was energetic, rhythmic, and very adept in the delivery of his songs. He definitely connected with his audience and entertained them well. The young performer is a throwback to a time where things were less hurried,. Great show!!!!

4.0 star rating Anne from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Third time seeing Leon Bridges in Philly...can see how much he has matured and become less shy on stage...think i like the first album's tour better where the music was an accompaniment to his singing...this time it was more like he was assisting the band...the acoustics were not great although the house was packed for a second night and folks seemed to enjoy themselves....Leon is gifted so i was happy to see him....the venue charged an additional $40 to stand where we stood for free the last time we saw him...that was corny...

4.0 star rating Marty B. from Milwaukee, Wisconsin


I love Leon Bridge's work, and it was great seeing him live, along with the incredible musicians on stage. I have nothing but praise and appreciation. They put on a great show. However...why the sound aesthetic was of an arena rock band, with booming, reverb- heavy bass drum and bass, is absolutely beyond me. It destroyed any clarity of sound whatsoever, resulting in a mash of sound that overwhelmed Leon's vocals and his backup singers (who are incredible). Vocals were unintelligible. Why such bass-heavy design for a subtle, tasteful performer? We left disappointed.

3.0 star rating Tim Lebo from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


I was really surprised not to buy fulliy into what was my first time seeing Mr. Bridges live. I really expected to walk way with my love for his music completely stoked. But that was not exactly my take away. First the sound was off right from the beginning. It left his vocals at times, muffled. He is young and I’m sure he will grow as artist. But, to me, the band sounded like it was a first night effort, not one that is nearing the end of a tour. The music is too good not to sound perfect.

3.0 star rating Sad girl from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


I gave 3 stars to be kind, and because it was not all that bad. But the music for sure fell flat. It seemed like it was all glitz, and about the glam and not about the music. I was very fisappointmed. Tickets should have cost $40 max for what they put out. It almost felt like it was their first time playing together.

3.0 star rating Sasha from Toronto, Ontario


I love Leon Bridges, his two albums have been on repeat for me for some time now! However, at the show here in Toronto I just felt like he sounded tired, hoarse and wasn't really trying. When he got to a high note or part where he belts out the chorus, he kind of pulled back or didn't sing at all. He was leaning heavily on the backup singers to fill in and in fact the sounds was mixed in such a way that the backup singers were at the same level as his voice. The performance was not worth the money I paid. It was really disappointing. On a positive note, I did really enjoy the opening act! And the venue is beautiful, the sunset was amazing over the water and CN tower!

3.0 star rating Dkoko from Detroit, Michigan


LoveLeon, the acoustics were horrible. Barely could hear him. Turn down guitars.

3.0 star rating Marie from Nashville TN


I’m only familiar with the hits. I love the new sound which I listened to on my road trip and was so disappointed. Band overpowered Bridges’ silk voice and honey sound. He looked the bomb in a 70’s vibe but I would have enjoyed it more in my living room. I don’t like to critique performers. We all have up and down days but feedback is always good when constructive: Leon, you are amazing! Maybe tailor the band to your voice.

3.0 star rating John from Atlanta, Georgia


Muddy Bass and bass drum could easily reduce 6 levels. Overall volume down 3-4 levels. Waste of great talent- sound was offensive and muddy. They should fire their sound engineer.

3.0 star rating Chris from Boston, Massachusetts


Really looking forward to seeing Leon. He has amazing songs and style. At 8/17 Boston show hearing Leon sing was a challenge. Overpowering sounds from the band. Also, felt the energy wasn’t there.

3.0 star rating BP from Boston, Massachusetts


I attended the show at the Roadrunner on 8/16. The stage, lights, effects, etc were great. But, the sound was not good at all. I could barely understand a single word, whether sung or spoken. I was right next to the sound board so I'm sure they heard the same thing. It was very disappointing because I expected to hear Leon's crisp, clear vocals and instead it was a muffled mess.

3.0 star rating Dave from Boston, Massachusetts


Love his music, concert sound was horrible. We wound up leaving halfway through. We could barely hear his vocals over loud, overwhelming bass.

3.0 star rating Lucinda scalco from San Diego, California


So very disappointed. The sound quality was horrific. Leons voice was muffled the entire time. Way too much bass. The venue consistently provides stellar musical quality so what happened.?! Because the sound quality was so bad I was looking forward to hearing familiar songs but he played his new stuff. And lastly, there were no seats, just grass. Would have been nice to know in advance. All in all Id rather have a picnic at the embarcadero with beach chairs and listen to him on pandora while enjoying the boats going by and saving $350.

2.0 star rating from Boston, Massachusetts


Saw Leon during his tour for his first album. Songs were smooth, music was soulful and Leon put on a good show. Got the crowd involved and had some swag on stage. My view of the concert admittedly is probably tainted because I think the new "Good Thing" album is an absolute mess. He'd still be trying to get signed to a label if that was all he had. He played mostly the songs from that album, moved and danced far too awkwardly and too much. The backup singers were drowned out by atrocious bass lines and over complicated sound. The songs he did play from the old album were re-arranged and ruined. I've seen him twice before and loved it. In Boston, 10/4/2018, not so much.

2.0 star rating John from Detroit, Michigan


Leon was difficult to hear. I'm not sure if this was due to the acoustics or how many bass guitars he had playing with him, but his voice was drowned out a little. Plus, I didn't think he had that much energy on stage. Great crowd, though!

2.0 star rating Cameron from Chicago, Illinois


Honestly, Leon Bridges has a great voice. Thats really the only nice thing I have to say about the show. Other than that, it was really really boring. I was not entertained, people were leaving the show early, and it felt very dull. The band and light show did not impress what so ever. I've seen hundreds of concerts over the years, this was mediocre at best. Don't get me wrong, it didnt sound bad, it was just really, really boring...

2.0 star rating Brit from Seattle, Washington


I was super excited for this show. However, the whole thing fell flat.

2.0 star rating Michael from Los Angeles, California


LB had a phenomenal debut album! I became an instant fan of his throwback talents and soulful sounds. However, after seeing him perform at the Greek last night, I was sad to see this rare talent morph into a so-so "crowd-pleasing performer." His band walked on stage to pre-recorded music, which set a tone of in-authenticity. Leon regaled the audience with an awkward attempt to mimic Usher through his jerky dance moves, bedazzled microphone, and lack of Leon playing the guitar. His appeal to my friends and me was his laid back smooth vocal style and musicianship. He now seems to be more focused on the flash than the skill. His range was strained and the best part of his performance was when he let the audience sing along with the band's vocalists. I hope he forgets about the glitz of his newly found fame, and focuses on the music, connection with story, and soul that got him there. I would pay $20-$40 to see him again, but not worth the $100 ticket price.

2.0 star rating Naydn R Best from Denver, Colorado


The sound was terrible, too much base robbed Leon of his performance. I was extremely disappointed. I’ve seen him live at the Fillmore, an amazing energetic entertainer. Tonight I couldn’t hear him sing or any melodic sounds.

2.0 star rating Scott Fincher from Denver, Colorado


Everything I love about Leon's music was not present at the Mission Ballroom show on 10/4/21. My first - and probalby last - time seeing him live, some of the difference may be between his studio and live music but the mix was awful. The bass was so over-powering I honestly felt my shirt move in the breeze. Everything was so loud and indistinct, there was no crispness between the musicians, back up singers and Leon's voice. The melodies, his vocal gymnastics, all lost by turning everything up to 11. Stage lights blinding at times, my retinas were burned for the drive home. If I had know he planned to play his new album start to finish, I probably would not have gotten tickets. And what happened the the Maria's, included on the bill as special guests? Very dissapointing.

2.0 star rating Andy from Denver, Colorado


Love Leon's voice. Not a fan of the new stuff/album. It seemed like they were trying to manufacture something too jazz/soul fusion versus the old -school vibe that Leon seems to be more of a natural fit in. Go back to the old. We left early as we were really bored. The band and Leon did not really engage the crowd at all. One of the most disappointing shows I've ever been to.

2.0 star rating Aka LB too from Denver, Colorado


Second time seeing Leon Bridges at Red Rocks. 2018 show was amazing and unforgettable! 2021 show was lacking and left us wishing for better. Band did not seem in sync with LB and vocals were out of tune. Still a fan but was hoping for more soul and funk after over a year of COVID, new album promotion, and price paid for tickets. We did not stay for encore and glad we left when we did. Mad props to everyone’s effort to tour however sad to admit doubts we will appear next time.

2.0 star rating Kelly from Ann Arbor, MI


I love Leon Bridges. I own three of his albums and play them all of the time (with a heavy rotation on my spotify account, as well). The warm up was about 40 minutes with a 40 minute break in between that and the main performance. Mr. Bridges sang for less than an hour and I only recognized three songs, despite the many he's released as singles. He seemed uncomfortable on stage, with his back up singers being significantly more animated than he was, which isn't saying much as they were reserved. The sound was so muffled it was like being serenaded through a burger king drive through speaker. Only reason I'm giving it two stars is because the lighting crew was spot on and did a great job. But I didn't spend all of that money to look at lights, tyvm.

2.0 star rating Royce Pendley from Louisville, Kentucky


Paid for up close expensive tickets so the wife could see his face. He wore a hat and BIG glasses...couldn't even tell if it was him. Sound was so bass heavy you couldn't understand the words unless you already knew the songs (we did). Bad...BAD concert. He seemed as if he wasn't feeling well...if so, tell the audience so we would be understanding. Probably last time we'll ever go to a concert at the Louisville Palace...not a good venue for this type of music.

2.0 star rating Jon from Charlotte, North Carolina


Left early along with many others. Sound quality was poor and all songs sounded the same. Just a boring show and couldn’t make out the words. Smaller outdoor venue so not an arena show.

2.0 star rating Mike from Austin, Texas


We were really looking forward to seeing and hearing Mr. Bridges on his new tour. We missed seeing him in Austin previously, and had high expectations for the show. The reason for the low rating is 100% sound quality. We’ve seen several other shows at Moody, but the sound quality last night felt like they didn’t do a sound check. The vocals were muffled, and even his most recognized songs couldn’t be understood. It sounded like someone set the frequency range between 20 and 100 Hz. Moody or Bridges sound team really whiffed last night.

2.0 star rating Jack from Chicago, Illinois


Very underwhelming and not much energy. Leon didn’t dance much and his vocals were muddy. Let waiting for the show to pick up and then it was over. Love Leon’s records and previous show I’ve seen but this was just kind of boring unfortunately.

2.0 star rating Geoff from Berkeley, California


Like others have said, sound was bad and ruined the show. Sound for the opener was good so not the sound engineer, but rather sound choices by the band. Muddy/fuzzy, vocals drowned out, overly loud.

1.0 star rating Allison H from Birmingham, Alabama


I love concerts and live music. In almost any form they are entertaining, worthwhile, and enjoyable. The April performance with Leon Bridges in Birmingham, AL, at the BJCC was none of those things. When the sound allowed, his voice and talent were truly amazing, but 99% of the night's performance was drowned out by high volume, disorganized and muffled sounds. His words were indistinct and indiscernible. The audio experience was terrible. This was in no way due to the artist, performers, back-up singers, but more the acoustics in the venue itself. Our tickets were great! Orchestra Row J seat 101 and the one beside it. Distance to the stage wasn't a problem. 45 minutes into the performance, we left. SO SAD-- Leon Bridges is great/talented/amazing/inspiring and the whole deal was ruined by loud, disorganized sounds coming from difference directions. We requested a refund from Ticketmaster that was declined, only furthering the disappointment of the experience and the night. Avoid BJCC

1.0 star rating Karen from Denver, Colorado


Saw Leon at Mission Ballroom in Denver 10/4/2021. The opening act Abraham Alexander was much better than Leon Bridges. The band was so loud your heart vibrated and you could not hear a word he was singing. On one song there was a piano solo that sounded like an unsupervised toddler just banging on the keys. Went with my 21 yr old daughter and even turned to me and said WTF is this? The backup band was trying to sound like some 70s funk and failed miserably. We left way early, along with a lot of other people. When they played Beyond you could barely recognize it and you couldn’t hear the words. After that we gave up. It was horrible. What a waste. Haven’t walked out on a concert EVER. Wish I never went to this one.

1.0 star rating Jackie from Richmond, Virginia


I've never walked out of a concert in 35 years! Love all music from classical to rap. Acoustics in Altria Theater were horrible. But Bridges crew should have adjusted sound to stop band from completely drowning out Leon. Really can't believe they didn't fix this after the show started. Could not hear him at all when speaking or even when singing. It was completely garbled and all band. His voice sounded terrible. Even backup singers were lame. He didn't hit any of the notes in "Beyond." Didn't even sound like the same song or person. Worst show ever. I will never pay to see a band at this venue again. Save your money from Leon Bridges AND Altria Theater.

1.0 star rating CKM from Richmond, Virginia


Disappointed in this concert, so loud, could not appreciate the work of Mr. Bridges over the bass. Poor energy, seemed less than interested in preforming. Audience encouraged to stand at start of concert as Mr. Bridges walked out. They remained standing 3 songs in. Went to house manager to be moved to another seat as I would not be standing for this concert. Got front row balcony, great seats. No improvement in sound though. Stayed 2 more songs and gave up. Hats off to the house manager for accommodating the issue of standing concert goers.

1.0 star rating Mara R from Louisville, Kentucky


I was so shocked; the sound was off; the vibe was off and never improved. The whole top balcony sat in silence and often squirming in discomfort. The sound was just not mixed right. Major Bummer for top prices

1.0 star rating Disappointed from Pittsburgh from Louisville, Kentucky


Really disappointed but the sound quality. The band was too loud and your couldn’t hear Leon. Some of it is his new sound which is over engineered for my taste. But even when he played a song that should have featured his vocals you could hear him. Several people complained to the Palace staff and many others left early. No one wanted an encore.

1.0 star rating Craig from Austin, Texas


The low star rating is for the Moody Center, not Leon Bridges. We left about 5 songs in because the sound was so distorted it was a waste of time to sit there being stunned how crappy and un-fun that made the show. We were in section 107, one level above main floor... view and comfort of seats was great, but I don't think I could understand more than ten words of lyrics, and Leon's songs are very much about the lyrics. Also, be prepared for price gouging .... 2 bottles water, 1 draft beer, 1 vodka/strawberry drink (all in single use plastic), 15% tip ---- 75 bucks. All in all, the evening was an experience.... one we won't be going back to any time soon.

1.0 star rating Leanne lacewell from Austin, Texas


This is perhaps the worst concert I’ve been to in my 50 years. The new Moody Center is supposed to be great but the sound was off (band was too loud and overpowered Leon which may have been Leon’s team’s issue and not the venue) and he seemed lost on the stage. This would have been better (hopefully) in a more intimate venue. His Elvis get up and bad dance move (cause he only has one) didn’t help. The crowd was disinterested and many were leaving midway through. I’ve never looked at my watch and hoped for it to be over like I did last night. He needs better song transitions and probably a better crew-the band and backup singers were pretty good, especially the drummer and one woman backup singer. If he’s in a small venue sitting behind a microphone I might see him again, otherwise save your money.

1.0 star rating Chris from Austin, Texas


The sound/acoustics were horrible. You couldn’t understand a thing he was saying.

1.0 star rating from Chicago, Illinois


I love his music however I felt his performance in Chicago was awful! He didn’t connect with the audience, hey was out of tune and lacked body and soul! Not what I expected at all!

1.0 star rating Richmond Exp from Chicago, Illinois


Poor vocals, didn’t connect with the audience, lacking in every aspect! I love your music but not a great experience in Chicago!

1.0 star rating KGE from Santa Barbara, California


Terrible show, we left after 5 songs. He is a good singer, his sound was not good, his below average band was so loud that it drowned out his voice. His sound guys owe me a refund on my tickets. His lighting also was also disappointing. My opinion, save your money for someone else.


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