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Bob Dylan Reviews

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Average customer review: 2.5 star rating (2.6 Stars)

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5.0 star rating SJCL from Northeast, Connecticut


I last saw Bob about 20 years ago in Springfield, Mass at a time when he was clearly low-energy and was largely unintelligble. This time he was fantastic! Nonstop wonderful music, great projection,, (mostly) recognizable lyrics, a great choice of songs mixing old Dylan standards, new Dylan masterpieces such as Duquesne Whistle, and old American Songbook titles. Others have commented on the audience -- I was in the loge which had a largely appreciative though not always enthusiastic group of people.--- one of whom fell soundly asleep despite the very loud but clear sound system. Oh well, everyone gets what they need from a Dylan concert. Looking forward to seeing him again.

5.0 star rating Daniel Kalmann from New York, NY


So here are some of my thoughts and meanderings after last night's June 18 2017 Wallingford, CT concert. First of all, my driving time from Queens NY was over 3 hours, and because it was Father's Day (we have 3 kids, ages 14, 6 and 10 months) my wife and I had a bit of a late start and I got more and more nervous as the estimated arrival time inched closer to 8pm. We made it into the full parking lot at 7:59 where we were whisked to the VIP parking section because everything else was taken. That brought us to the main entrance within 1 minute, up the stairs to the loge we went, and as we reached the top, he walked in and started his night. I had planned to tape record, but I was not ready for it at all, so I stopped worrying about it. I had purchased binoculars for the occasion and I started looking for and easily found his Bobness. He has so many different mannerisms, his wide stance when playing the piano, wearing his silver tipped white and brown boots, in his slightly bedazzled black costume with red patches and sparkles and a wide open collared red shirt with bolo tie, behind the shiny black grand-piano that offered a reflection of himself with is hair full and not as dark as usual and his hat resting on the piano but never on his head this night, his walking between songs, when the stage goes dark, to his table with his Oscar statuette and a cup of drink, how he prepares for his next songs standing in the middle of the stage, adjusting his hair a bit, putting his hand on his hip, holding the microphone just like a crooning rock star should, stepping forwards, little shuffle dance steps, his very inspired piano playing, his It Ain't Me Babe when he strapped on his guitar (I could see in the dark that he strapped one on, I couldn't believe it, it was a thrilling moment for sure!), his obvious fitness level which is important to me as an older fitness fanatic myself, his supreme control of everything on stage, including leading his wonderful band with a flick of a look, his kind acknowledgments of his band as well, especially during his crooning song with his arm gesturing towards them, his pure showmanship, his ability to make each and every song real, nothing fake happening during this set. I was on the edge of my seat with my binocs focused on him, his band, his facial expressions, his strong singing, his switching back and forth between rocking and crooning, his intense delivery of each word, sentence, song. I felt in the presence of greatness all night long, I wanted to soak in each moment, who knows how many times the answer will continue to be blowing in the wind, it was maybe a tad too short but so worthwhile, he will forever be the greatest song and dance man, there will never be another Bob Dylan and I was fortunate to spend almost 2 hours in the same room. Thank you Bob Dylan, for the over 50 years of providing me an anchor for this crazy world, for enlightening me, entertaining and confusing me, for rocking my world, for reaching levels of greatness that have always encouraged me to be the best I can be, and that made me come to New York City from Amsterdam exactly 40 years to the day today. Forever Young, my friend, forever young!

5.0 star rating Sean from Newport, Rhode Island


This is the third time i've seen Bob, all since 2000. Each time I've enjoyed it for his willingness to play anything anytime and in any arrangement. He's such a clever writer and clearly enjoys the art of making music. Last night was especially good b/c the band was pumping. Bob never introduced them, presumably it was his usual group of Stu, Charlie, Tony, Donnie and George, but they were fantastic. The music was sharp all night long. Interestingly, Bob never played guitar or any other instrument other than the piano. When he wasn't on the piano he stood in crooner style--awesome, As for the crowd, I was in middle of row 3 left side and the folks in rows 1 and 2 were so close that they couldn't see above the stage, which is why they stood so long. It was kind of annoying, my view of Bob was blocked at times, but when has it become "proper" to sit during a concert? Also, I didn't hear any chatter, except in between songs. It was a great show.

5.0 star rating Andy from Hartford, Connecticut


excellent man

5.0 star rating Mitch Walker from Toronto, Ontario


There are a lot of negative comments out there so I was a little worried about my first Dylan concert. Fortunately this night turned into one of the highlites of my 65 years. Great seats (7th row center floors) thanks kids. The visuals and the sound was impeccable. The band wore matching suits which contributed to the early sixties nostalgia. What a band! The arrangements of Bob's originals were twisted into fresh new sounds that were heavenly and cast a spell over me. Bob showcased the lyrics in a voice that was beautiful in a unique and honest way that dispelled all pretentiousness. The only thing I was disappointed with was how quickly 2 hours went by.

5.0 star rating from Winnipeg, Manitoba


I had a seat in the middle of the Floor area and loved it! The performance by Bob and his band was the most moving experience to me as a fan and spiritually! He IS a master reaching our souls with his words and music ! God bless you Bob and your family and your band ! You ARE our voice of our souls ! James Perch and family , Winnipeg , Manitoba , Canada

5.0 star rating James Yansick from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


I’ve seen the man often since 70’s - to compare him to any period is pointless. The poet performed exceptionally well at the Met Philly. Old met new - it was a sweet show - strong clear voice - band runs like a well oiled machine - 3rd Show In last 3 years - better than last 2. I will note it helps to always be in first 5 rows - I’ve been fortunate to secure those seats last few shows. He’s always great in smaller venues but they are rare these days ( stopped that 2000) but once in awhile he’ll do one. It’s Dylan - only one - never another whose mind / words still evoke change and demand the listener tune in turn on - or drop out! Ty Zimmermann for a fantastic show!

5.0 star rating Mr. Jones from Riverside, CT


Attended the Friday, November 30, 2018 show at the Beacon and was blown away. My first time seeing Bob in 40 years (Fall '78 at Madison Square Garden)...shame on me, but I still had kept up with Bob's artistic journey through the years. I had listened to some of the bootlegs of recent shows (Springfield, MA, Waterbury, CT, and the preceding Beacon shows) and really liked what I was hearing, especially Bob's voice, the new arrangements of some of his standards, his harmonica work and, of course, his fantastic band. As a result, my excitement kept building in the days leading up to the show. Every expectation was met and exceeded...Bob and the cowboys were magnificent. Loved every minute and wished the show would have gone on for another two hours. Was a date night with the wife and even though she's not a Dylan fanatic, she enjoyed the show, especially the slow ballads. Thanks, hon...I owe you one.

5.0 star rating Jessi from New York, New York


Anyone who thinks Dylan was anything but great last night, November 24, 2018, at Beacon Theater just really doesn't know Dylan at all. Dylan is a diva and does whatever he wants, whenever he wants. That chutzpah is what makes him the great Bob Dylan, however he changes his tunes. He has the same great voice, which cannot be said of many 77-year-olds, and the same musical and poetic genius. It was a slightly different Dylan but a great show. My only disappointment is that he didn't say even a single word to his audience.

5.0 star rating Octo from Long Island, New York


The 11/23/18 show was amazing. Dylan's voice sounded better than I've heard him in a couple of years and he connected strongly with the audience. The band was great as usual. Dylan played good keyboards and lots of harp! The lyrical changes were emotional and thought-provoking. I think the lyrical "updates" to "When I Paint My Masterpiece" make more sense if you know the original words. Then the metrically more complex "rhapsody" line literally rhapsodizes into the direct-to-the-heart "beautiful" phrase, continuing ongoing Dylan themes of creating beauty and also reaching for an exalted state. So for me, that particular new line works best as an addition to the old, with the assumption that the audience knows the original. Overall, this was a rock show not a poetry reading, despite the poetry. My husband and I were extremely moved emotionally. The songs took on new meanings in this time. I cried during some of the songs. We were both amazed and thrilled to have experienced that night.

5.0 star rating Bill from Houston, Texas


Finally saw the real and best live Bob Dylan at the Smart Financial center in Sugarland last night. All day I had this good feeling knowing Bob had picked although a very fine venue for live music, a little bit small compared to Coachella in the California desert, or anywhere else this Nobel prize winner could easily fill. The lights went down and then the guys just assumed their places on stage and Bob set up shop behind his full piano and immediately they launched into what would be the tightest and cleanest delivery of Bob Dylan’s music catalog. No hat this time, just a full head of his trademark hair and at age 77, it made me wish for some. Now you normally hear people complain they can’t understand him, but tonight he was as crisp and as clear as you could hope for. I will try and come back with the setlist later and break it down, but for me the holiest Of holy is “ Like A Rolling Stone”. Bob did retool it but in a superior sound and emotionally. Best version in years.

5.0 star rating Bob Neylan from Tucson, Arizona


I love the show. I have seen Bob many times over the years, and this show was up there with any of them. Bob was energetic, fun, and sounded great. I was entertained from start to finish. It did my heart good to see someone that I care so much for sounding and looking so well.

5.0 star rating Tucson Tom from Tucson, Arizona


I saw Bob last time he was in Tucson in 2006. Pretty disappointing show saved by Merle Haggard. So wasn’t expecting too much but wanted to see him anyway for old times sake. Well, I shouldn’t have worried. Bob was in fine voice and form, the band was tight, the staging was perfect, the Music Hall was a great venue to choose, and the playlist should have satisfied everyone. My wife and I gambled on front row seats and we rolled 7’s on that decision. About 5 minutes to 8 the band assembled on stage, with Bob behind a full size grand piano. Staging was excellent. Ringed by large old style Klieg lights, Bob’s hair, back lit like the many images of him in the 60’s, was a joy to see. Sans any facial hair he looked damn good for his age and sounded even better. I looked over to stage right, and there, almost out of view was Bob’s Oscar for The Wonderboys on a small black table. Next to it was a white plaster head of a woman. Don’t know the significance of that but if you do let me know!

5.0 star rating Robert bloom from New York, New York


completely blew me away,,a beautiful voice believe it or not was the biggest surpise articulating every word and note w a beautiful deep rich vibrato adding depth to the gravely chortle of recent past ...he alternates rocking swingin tunes w the big band kicking ass behind him ,,,driving intensity fresh as ever,,then ballads followed after every rocker,,he was mid stage,,,holding the mic like early elvis,,,and those quirky strange intriguing stances movements Marva staples told us to look out for,,,watch bob !!! she said during her rousing first set.. the show was amazing,..dylan becomng Elvis Sinatra tony Bennett Fred Astaire,,,bing Crosby,...yet ever uniquely himself,,always new and lately greatly improved,on what always worth going to.. the voice and new showmanship made the evening really special,,,i never thought i would ever enjoy Dylan crooning like he does now,,better than on any album,,this is a cat who is at the top of his game and relishing it as much as we do..glad i went

5.0 star rating Judith Barrett from Buffalo, New York


It was all about the music. None of those irritating strobe lights, costume changes, philosophizing nonsense. I loved the way he arranged and sang his older well known songs. It truly was a unique experience to listen to a true musician play and sing his songs. He also sang some jazz songs that were so beautiful and moving. I loved this concert! I loved that I got to see Bob Dylan live doing what he does best, be himself, have fun and live in the moment. His band is excellent. I had so much fun just listening to the music!! Great concert!! I would recommend to everyone to see him perform live!!

5.0 star rating Christine from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Bob Dylan proved his musical and poetic genius during his concert last night in Upper Darby, PA. Unbelievable passion was palpable as he rocked the house with innovative music. For those wanting a throwback concert, well, they don't know Dylan. He was among the first of artists who continually reinvent themselves--only his innovation is in the music not his persona. He wove an experience for those who really listened, weaving his new songs and American standards together for an amazing sound and experience. Love this man and his unconventional ways--and the fact he is true to himself and a true inspiration. We listened to what will undoubtedly be new classics--Dylanesque Brilliance. And the evening started out oh so right with Dylan's long-time friend and musical powerhouse herself, Mavis Staples, taking center stage. What a memorable night!

5.0 star rating Angela from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


This was a great show Bob sounded great Played the Piano Wonderful The Band was on fire. Just lots of Love from the Fans.

5.0 star rating from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Last night was full of reverence for his poetry's universal appeal, hence Dylan's Nobel Prize for Literature. I've had the privilege of seeing Bob play venues from Little Rock (with Willie Nelson to his paying tribute to Les Paul at Fat Tuesdays in NYC in the '90s. The show last night was one of his very best ever. I won't repeat all the other 5-star reviews' accolades (the band's impeccable tight sound, etc.). I only add this. I never thought I would hear Bob sing a couple of Tony Bennett's set list classics: "Autumn Leaves" and "Once Upon A Time." Not only was his delivery rich and majestically reverent, his words were clear, his tone poignant and nostalgic, his voice deeply resonant--an epic spiritual journey throughout. Thank God for Bob Dylan. Amen.

5.0 star rating Rene Vallieres from Salt Lake City, Utah

SLC 10/17/17

I've been listening to Bob since 1964. Brought my Bob records to college in 1966 and was almost booed out of the dorm by upper classmen who were into Smokey Robinson. My wife and I had a great time last night at the concert in SLC. Mavis was great as usual. The first thing that strikes you about Bob and the band is how tight they are. They play with an amazing precision. Others have commented on Bob changing the arrangements of his classic songs like Tangled Up in Blue and Desolation Row to the dismay of some. I knew this was coming following him for so many years. But what surprised me is that he mostly played the last song of the night pretty straight up - Ballad of a Thin Man. The melody was recognizable. He has ended his concerts with this song for years. I had to smile knowing he loves to wink at his audience with a mischievous twinkle in his eye "You don't know what's happening. Do you Mr. Jones?" Written with affection - Mr Jones

5.0 star rating Annette from Santa Barbara, California


My husband and I went to the Santa Barbara Bowl to see Bob Dylan, I wasn't sure what to expect from reading some earlier reviews from past concerts and his age but I was truly amazed, I loved every minute of this concert, he came on and didn't speak to the audience, he just starting playing and did not stop once, song after song....played his piano and harmonica...he and his band were wonderful, I wanted it to just go on an on..I loved it so much!!

5.0 star rating JlS from Denver, Colorado


I saw Bob Dylan in Denver at the Mission Ballroom. Everything about it was amazing. It was a perfect venue, the acoustics were great. Dylan was in fine form. His voice sounded wonderful (craggy sublime in the best sense) and his band was off the charts. Very tight. An unforgettable experience to see this legend.

5.0 star rating Carleen D. Mejza from Providence, Rhode Island


I loved the Providence RI concert ❤️Your awesome stage presence and beautiful deep resonating voice touches my heart. I am a big fan of new renditions of your songs, giving an instinctual feel to them. I have learned 55 of your songs on guitar these past 2 years. I love each song as a piece of lyrical art and never tire of them. Thanks for touring my way Bob. 🎸🎶🎸🎶. #bobdylan

5.0 star rating Joe Sweeney from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Wow, wow and wow. I have seen Bob at least 30 times. Constantly changing, always pleasing and surprising. Last night though, he outdid himself. The band was fabulous with two new members. The Setlist was killer with songs from every genre of Bobs, past and present. Even an emotional version of Lenny Bruce. This was the first show of all that Bob didn’t do Like a Rolling Stone and probably the best show in 5 or 6 years. Bob played the guitar on a couple although it wasn’t necessary. Obviously he’s trying to be considerate of us. We had great seats and the sound was very good too. Once again high praise to my hero and biggest musical influence.

5.0 star rating Liane Nouri from HIllsdale, New York


What a performance! More than I could have imagined. Dylan and his band were phenomenal. Dylan was passionate, heartfelt, energized for his age and a great performer. His voice was pure Dylan. No bullshit. Loved his piano playing. Sad to read other reviews of the Beacon show. There was an overwhelming amount of selfish, mean criticism. To my fellow Dylan fans… here's a hint… be grateful to Bob and all he has given us through his lifetime. Honor him. Be sympathetic to an aging man ( yes… he's actually a human being ). Put your selfish entitlement aside. Who cares how much you paid for a ticket and that Bob didn't meet your expectations. You're not entitled to any more than Dylan has and wants to give you. And he gave me a great night warming my soul with his music. His band was fantastic. They too should be honored and respected. For me… this show was pure art and more than I ever expected! Here's to Bob, his band and beautiful music! Liane Nouri

5.0 star rating John Gerald Patrick Oconnor from Philadelphia Pa


Bob Dylan s performance at the beacon, was one of his finest shows ever , unadulterated Dylan . Great harmonica playing, guitar playing and absolutely incredible piano . Dylan give s you 100% Dylan and a large repertoire of Dylan from all Dylan era s from early 60 s to 21st century classics only Dylan could write and perform . songs such as simple twist of fate and things have changed open the show with a phenomenal sounding band and a voice from a legendary poet songster. Dylan brings the audience along a long body of his work to include highway 61 , ballad of a thin man and then to classics such as try to get to heaven before they close the door to late thunder knock out songs such as ain t dark yet and thunder mountain . this show showcase the work of a extrodinary poet ,singer, songwriter and song and danceman . I go ever night if Ihad the money . Thanks Bob it was surely a great show .

5.0 star rating Joan Rivera from Seymour , Tennessee


My daughter and I are both enjoy Bob Dylan’s art in poetry and music styles. Coming from two eras Mine are the early songs and beginning of his switch to electric guitar. Her favorite album is from his 30’s and 4o’s. We both loved the concert . His voice was clear and loved the words in poetry. The band was very good as well. Wanted to write a letter and pass it to his people to Him saying how much the Lord had placed him on my heart. Maybe he will see this and know that The good Shepherd still loves him and has his children praying for him still. He has His eye on His sheep.”Seymour,Tn. Feel free to visit Bob. Just a simple person,,who the Lord has put you on their heart for prayer. Joanie.❤️🙏🏻❤️

5.0 star rating John durst from New York, New York


His body may be frail, he’s alittle ginger when he’s walk-in around, but his voice is as strong as ever. The new lyrics are great poetry. The backup band leaves room to hear him. I hope he keeps comin back here forever.

5.0 star rating Paola Genone from Paris


Artists in general like to walk. They walk long distances with their minds. They help us, not to reproduce their path, but to find our own. Bob Dylan is one of those artists. Those who never stop making you feel understood, never alone, because you recognize yourself in the impulse of their voice, in the hope it carries, in their way of expressing what you feel and that you don't know how to say, write or even think sometimes. And so, on that Thursday night at the Beacon Theatre in New York, Bob Dylan was majestic: an example of life, of breath! I heard someone say, the night before the concert, that he didn't have the voice of one time. What voice? Dylan was never a crooner. He had a tone, he had a matrix and courage ! He knew he had visions of the future that nobody really understood - that's why he was interesting. We wondered if he was an impostor, like Ornette Coleman when he recorded "Free Jazz", like Niki de Saint Phalle when she did her action paintings, like the blacks who say that America is racist. He manages to sow this wonderful doubt even when we see him there, at 80 years old, diminished, standing with his microphone. And when you close your eyes, you realize that a breath is much more important than a body. So thanks to him, the next day, instead of getting lost in those endless queues in front of New York stores where your eyes are spinning in the void, I wandered over to Strand Books, a bookstore that I associate with so many things and people that are precious to me. Bob Dylan's singing of "I Contain Multitudes" changed something in me. And probably in all the people in the room. "I sing the songs of experience like William BlakeI have no apologies to make." All it took was one song. If you pass by a city where Bob Dylan sings: go and see him you will not regret it.

5.0 star rating from Washington, District of Columbia


If you didn't know Bob's material from last year's Rough and Rowdy Ways, I can understand that this show could've been frustrating to some, because Bob does not enunciate perhaps quite as clearly as many rock singers. That said, the two of the four people in my group who were completely unfamiliar with his new songs still had a brilliant time. The group was on fire. Bob stood on almost every song. He even joked a bit, introduced the band, etc. For as frail as I think he is, he was quite animated. I thought he sang better than he has in years. This band is as good as any he's had since The Band. Most of the material from the new album is stellar. Performances of particular note were "I Contain Multitudes", "I've Made Up My Mind", Goodbye Jimmy Reed", "Most Likely You'll Go Your Way", "False Prophet", "Key West", and a scorching "Gotta Serve Somebody" that blew away any other version I've ever heard. We had a great time and Bob did not disappoint.

5.0 star rating Gary from Ft. Lauderdale FL


Bob Dylan is not an entertainer. If you want to be entertained go see Rocky. If you want a pretty voice dust off your Linda Ronstadt albums. If you want to be in the presence of an artist and a poet who has given so much to our troubled world then go see Bob. I was raised KKK. Bob's early songs (Hattie Carol) saved me from a life of bigotry and hatred. He's been my role model. No matter the scratchy voice and low energy. After all he's 80! Give him a break. I've seen him 75 times throughout my life including The Beacon in 2019 and last November. He's as awesome as ever just in a slightly different way. If you can't dig it then don't come back. Bob doesn't need your approval anyway.

5.0 star rating Bill Hoffman from Mudjimba, Australia


If you went to this concert wanting to hear Dylan sing 60s protest songs that’s on you. Flew across from LA for this concert in Memphis and it didn’t disappoint and by the reaction from those around me they enjoyed the show as much as I did. I arrived with no expectations other than to see a Dylan concert before he stopped performing. What I got was non-stop delivery by the master, strong of voice and backed by a rock solid band and tight arrangement. Every three or four songs he stood up, acknowledged the audience and got back at it. Beautiful theatre, great acoustics and really a performance that exceeded expectations.

5.0 star rating Joe from Rochester, New York

ROCHESTER 10/24/23

I wanted so much to love this performance and I believe I would have if Bob wasn't at the piano all night. His band was top notch and they did their best to hang on through the changes, unfortunately not every song is a blues. The piano playing was remedial at best and he clanged the keys haphazardly without any thought to actual harmony, dissonance is cool when it's intended; when the rest of the band is playing one chord and you are off in your own world playing another, you are either not listening or not caring. At one point I started laughing because, it really could be that he knows exactly what he's doing and he's just putting everyone on. If that's the case then it was the coolest show I've ever seen. I really hope that's the case. The uptake from all of this was the audience, no phones and everyone was in deep conversation before the show. Still I made it there and I'll never forget it, wouldn't have missed it for the world.

5.0 star rating Meave from Springfield, MA


I enjoyed every moment, I guess I just knew what to expect.

5.0 star rating Black Rider from Orlando, Florida


We saw Bob Dylan and his band in Orlando 2024-03-09. Four of us went, but I was the only Dylan fan. While the others were disappointed not to hear Blowin’ in the Wind, I thought the show was phenomenal. It is not a greatest hits show where they just play what you heard on the radio fifty years ago, but a modern show of new music and new arrangements of classic music. Even some of the newest songs were treated to new arrangements. While I was familiar with all of the songs, some of the arrangements still surprised and delighted me. The restrictions of recording devices was very welcome as no one was holding an iPad over their head blocking the view. The show started on time to the minute and finished when expected. When it was done, there were no annoying encore theatrics. When the music was over, the lights came on and we left. This was definitely the best concert I have ever seen.

5.0 star rating Libby from Orlando, Florida


His voice was strong for the close to two hour show. Of course I enjoyed his old songs but his last song Every Grain of Sand was fabulous! He acknowledged the crowd a few times. It was my son’s first time seeing him and we had a great time. Listened to alot of his older music on the way home! Very happy I was able to see him again!

5.0 star rating John B from Asheville, North Carolina


I brought my wife and 19 year old son to see Bob in Asheville. We all enjoyed the performance. Despite hearing negative reviews we had a great time. He's still great at the harmonica! Loved it!

4.0 star rating S. Costa from Middletown,Connecticut


MY husband and I spent 220.00 each for good seats right behind the sound technicians ..we were dead Center and had a great view of Bob and the band. The show began PROMPTLY on the dot of 8:00 which I felt was courteous to the crowd who continued to dribble in nonstop throughout the show which is always so annoying. The crowd was friendly, courteous and really pleasant where we were. I was annoyed by this one girl in the front row who danced and played with her hair while standing for the entire show. We were thrilled with his voice which sounded better than ever and his band is wonderful appreciated a nice encore but really would have liked a " hello" or a goodbye" from him...and also did expect at least one of,his big songs at the encore LIKE A ROLLING STONE or MR TANBORINE MAN. All in all, we loved him and felt like we had a real,treat to be treasured for many years to come!

4.0 star rating Patrick Easterling from New York, New York


“Precious memories, how they linger How they ever flood my soul In the stillness, of the midnight Precious sacred scenes unfold” Tonight Dylan shares some memories with us, in his own way – the memories floods his soul. Like when he makes us listen to a renewed and melancholic “Like A Rolling Stone”, in a version where he stops and starts, amplifies the final words of each verse, making the existential strength of the refrain even stronger, one of the highlights of the night. Another highlight, maybe THE highlight of the evening, is his almost solo piano version of the now hymnlike version of “Don´t Think Twice, It´s All Right”. Each verse gets ovations, his voice is strong, he paints each line like it´s a masterpiece, and he roars the ending words as powerful as ever. It´s difficult for me to name one version of this song that´s made a deeper impression. To tell the truth, I copied the above, but I can't write or think as well! But me and the wife's 5th show in 35 years! Thanks!

4.0 star rating Jay Dee from Utica, New York


Robert Zimmerman can't be fit into boxes. A wise fan doesn't go to his concerts seeking exact renditions of fifty or sixty year old songs. Bob at the Stanley last night was his old irascible self with a new or different take on "old" new? songs. The last time I saw him was with Willy Nelson in Cooperstown in 'o4. Back then he was starting concerts with "Sweet Marie". Last night started with "Things Have Changed" and sequed into ditties with updated versions and twists. It Ain't Me Babe, Simple Twist of Fate, When I Paint My Masterpiece, were all garrulous and conversational with heavy bass overtones. He was lucid and clear voiced throughout but he was sans guitar and although he blew a harmonica frequently, seeing him again on the twelve string would have been nice. No one seemed to care that we were most of us old last night, we're younger than that now. As the required encore Blowing in the Wind played, we were blowing with Bob. Can that ever be a bad thing?! Thanks again Robert!

4.0 star rating Kathy from Arlington, Texas


My first time to see Bob Dylan. The venue is lovely. Good restaurants nearby. I was disappointed Bob Dylan did not play Knocking On Heavens Door. The arrangements of his songs were greatly different from the originals, so hard to recognize. Still a wonderful show seeing a rock legend.

4.0 star rating Chuck Benge from Tucson, Arizona


Sounded best in the three times i’ve Seen him since late 60’s. If you expected the Dylan of old and no change, get with it people. Band was great. Dylan on piano and harmonica great. Gonna take this to my grave. Thank you Bob Dylan!

4.0 star rating Dave from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Bob is still an excellent performer. If you was expecting the harmonica, guitar playing version you were disappointed. His voice is excellent these days and he still has his quirks that lets you know he is still Bob Dylan.

4.0 star rating J RO from Denver, Colorado


Better than we were expecting. His voice was pretty good, after warming up after a few songs. If you took this at concert value, taking away how this man has inspired the US music scene over decades, it was OK. Definitely not the best concert I've ever been to this year, but somehow, that isn't the reason for attending a Dylan concert. It's more about appreciating his legend. I won't ever go to another of his concerts, this was enough. Parts of the concert were weirdly like Bob Dylan doing karaoke trying to impersonate Bob Dylan. It was entertaining in a weird way. Bob really shone through in his up-beat rock and roll style songs, those were the peak and when his voice sounded most powerful. If you've always wanted to see Dylan, go see him on this tour. If you haven't, absolutely don't go.

4.0 star rating Charles from South Bend, Indiana


Enjoyed ever minute of the show, great mix of songs, tight band! So glad i went. The creativity of the american legend/poet still inspires me, thanks Bob Dylan!

4.0 star rating from Washington, District of Columbia


Dylan had a very tight band on 12/2 in DC, which played multiple riffs on each song, staying away from simply strumming chords. All beats were new and some were very infectious. If you came just to see a greatest hits show, you were sorely disappointed. Dylan's rewrite of any song's original beat is what I came for; I didn't come to hear a track like it was recorded on an album. His band seemed right out of Nashville, and Dylan played 2-3 songs from his Nashville Skyline album. Dylan looked fragile and frequently used (what I assume was) a bolted down mic stand for support when out front. Most of the night he hid behind a stand-up piano, which I would have rather have seen placed at a 90 degree angle to the stage. I didn't know most of his new song, but some of them had amazing boogie-woogie beats. Dylan is at his best when selecting a tour band and this one was fantastic. The sound was very balanced and clear. Just a great night.

4.0 star rating Kyle from Tulsa, Oklahoma


My 6th Dylan show. I didn't give the show 5 stars only because I found it supremely disappointing that the city of Tulsa, which is houses the Dylan archives, did not fill the Tulsa Theater - maybe 80% sold. The first song served as the band's sound check, with Dylan's mic being way too low. The band seemed to hit its groove on the Rough and Rowdy Ways tracks, but for me the highlight was the complete reimagining of "Gotta Serve Somebody". Dylan takes great effort to keep reimagining his songs. To me, that's the great part of a Dylan show. I understand some folks want to hear a greatest hits concert with all the old familiar melodies. For myself, I love how creative the songs are arranged. The whole evening had a fantastic bluesy roadhouse vibe with a hint of spiritualism. Lots of older musicians just tour their old hits. Dylan turns 81 next month. It's beyond amazing that he's able to tour a completely new album and allow that new music to support 9 out of a 17 song setlist.

4.0 star rating Bruce from Los Angeles, California


My wife & I saw Dylan last night at the Pantages. it was wonderful. I last saw him at the White Plains County Center in 1966 with Joan Baez opening for him. He has reimagined some classic songs. His latest version of “I’ll be Your Baby Tonight” resonates with decades of memories and reminds me of another Dylan’s growl to “rage against the dying of the light”. If you’re looking for golden oldies stay away, if you want to experience how our nation’s greatest troubadour and sometimes poet is not going gently into the night then run out to see him.

4.0 star rating Barb from northern Illinois


Saw him at The Riverside Theater, a marvelous venue in Milwaukee. It was fantastic, but I was unhappy with the the sound for his vocals. Something was off - either you could barely hear him or it was much too much. I love his voice, this was not my first Bob show, but I was not thrilled with this aspect of the show's sound. Nonetheless, his piano playing was absolutely wonderful as was his singing. And how amazing - he played for an hour and forty-five minutes! SO impressed!

3.0 star rating Veronica from Hartford, Connecticut


Oakdale should do a better job of monitoring alcohol consumption and seating latecomers, so as not to interrupt the enjoyment of those who arrived on time and were respectful of the performance. Good to see and listen to Nobel-Prize winner Bob Dylan, but it would have been nice if he had a few lines of interaction with the audience. Maybe he didn't like the crowed, either.

3.0 star rating Deb J from Hartford, Connecticut


I am not a true Bob Dylan fan but I have known his music. I went to the concert with a real Bob Dylan fan. I myself enjoyed the experience of seeing a music legend. I am not a true "fan" as mentioned so I did have some disappointing moments and that was I wasn't able to see him as there were no live screens. I would have loved to see him up closer. I did read that someone who had closer seats had to deal with some people who were disrespectful. I would have and should have paid the extra money to be closer to the stage. There are really no issues with any of the other aspects of the concert. I need to mention that the real "fan" said that Dylan is typically not a show person, I respected Dylan for who he is. This was a nice lesson in appreciation of the art of music for me.

3.0 star rating Don from Newtown, Connecticut


I thought the show was pretty good, but not great. I went in with a preconceived expectation. I last saw Bob in concert with his "Rolling Thunder Review" tour in 1975. It was around the time that "Blood on the Tracks" came out. The show was vibrant and electrifying. Bob was playing his current music at the time, as well as many of his older works. That show was electrifying. I expected that he wouldn't be the same, however I was unprepared for what I saw and heard. He has taken a penchant for "standards" from the forties and fifties covering the likes of Frank Sinatra et al. Bob was never a crooner but he gave it a shot. He played a few of his more well know works with vastly different arrangements. His voiced seemed strained. He just turned 76 so I can't complain too loudly, but it shows. I have a lot of respect for him and his earlier music. I had been listening to Bob's music the whole week before the show. I had psyched myself up, but came away wanting more.

3.0 star rating Annonymous eclectic music lover from Providence, Rhode Island


THE BAND WAS AWESOME! Song choices , not so much ! Mr Zimmerman, that's not your ERA ! Your not a CROONER, you're a Folk Rock a Pop star Poet Laureate, and you're rearranging of classic jazz blues and STANADRDS - like you once danced the Fox Trot Cha Cha Cha or Jive on a ball room floor is a bit pretentious, on your part, and a bit disrespectful to the actually CROONERS of that ERA. But the songs that YOU WROTE & rearranged are always yours and it's always YOUR PERROGATIVE to do with them as you please! It's your performance your reputation and BTW, yoiu're a terrific poet, but you're not a god of music . Play you're own originals and leave the others the respect they've earned to have theirs left alone. BUT, YOUR BAND IS AWESOME AMAZING AND ACCOMODATING.. I won't pay that much money for some one to butcher the vocals of Autumn Leaves and such . Enjoy your tour but don't forget the FANS who paid hard earned cash to hear a few tunes from the Era that made you your fortune

3.0 star rating St stephen from Norwalk CT


Bob did a great show. He sang well and despite the microphone incident and the piano stool incident the show was great on stage. The audience was a very different story. Why would you pay those prices for the first 3 rows and talk the entire time?!? I personally believe it's because of 2 reasons. The first is that these folks don't get out much and so they spend the entire 110 minute show conversing about it. The second is that you are a fan and are trying to convince a non fan that this is great. The only thing is that you don't get out much so you try to do it while you are out. News flash people!!! I didn't pay this kind of money to see a concert to hear your chit chat. I didn't pay this kind of money to hear you butcher the song with your out of key singing. Shut the F*%# up!!!!

3.0 star rating The Complete Unknown from Detroit, Michigan


High on Amphetamine stuck inside another Bob Dylan Dream. Clutching my pearls hoping for no more schemes. I make sure I pay the parking meter this time because I can’t afford another fine I Pray for a sign from God then “The Weight” from the Last Waltz comes on the channel as I listen to The Band sing to Fanny looking out the window at this new strange motorsport land Hoping Bob isn’t up on Black Mountain while I made a wish in the fountain by the banks of Belle Isle I thought I found Paradise for free. but like most things nothing is free even love has it’s price my love is the hole in my bucket ooh yeah baby don’t you dare miss it! when the lights start to flicker you better forget about that liquor The doors to heaven appear to be closed thinking man this really blows I hear someone say the doors will open after the song is over they open and some people go inside Then I hear him sing it ain’t me, Babe and the doors close once again I feel like bargaining with the devil tears fill my eyes wondering how much longer I have to wait. the doors open and I make a Bee line to Bob. I can’t believe it! He acts like we’ve never met my eyes get watery and wet while Bob Revisits Highway 61 for the 1870th time wondering how the hell he can memorize so many lines I guess if you play them a lot they get stuck which is probably how he got the Memphis Blues again since he stayed in MS a day too long hoping I don’t end up like Gypsy Lou lord knows I’ve paid my dews getting through Tangled up in Bob. all I did was Wiggle wiggle like a Gypsy Queen all dressed in Green Mr. JOnes pushed the chair from behind me and almost fell to my knees Then comes a swarm of staffers that tell me I gotta leave or they’ll call the police I gather my things and walk down that long lonely isle Some people were High 5ing me and smiling like I was part of the show. but man it sure felt like I just took a big blow that’s when I let out a terrible scream and Bob just continues to sing Ballad of a Thin Man to Mr. & Mrs. Jones for 1165th time. What good am I starts to come to my mind then I shut softly my watery eyes hoping the pangs of my sadness will pass but I end up breaking just like a little girl

3.0 star rating Mike from Akron, Ohio


Haven’t seen Bob in 20 years and am thankful Bob came to Akron.Beautiful theatre, but the sound mixing was terrible. Bob’s voice couldn’t complete with the guitars. The band sounded great and despite the other negative reviews on the subject, I’m glad that Bob has found a way to reinvent some of his classics. WAy too short of a show!

3.0 star rating D. Greene from New York, New York


The Band has some great musicians, but they and the sound level just drowned Dylan out. Part of why I love Dylan is the poetry, and no matter how loud he tried to sing, you just couldn't hear/understand the words. And the arrangements for each song were thumpingly similar.

3.0 star rating Dunkirk from New York, New York


It was the tenth Dylan concert I attended since 1992. Of those, maybe six were electric and the other four were not. The Beacon performance was not electric. He seemed rickety as he gingerly navigated the stage between numbers. His voice started out gravelly almost beyond recognition and then became much smoother as the evening progressed. The show was not his best performance of recent (for instance, last year he was much more engaged and energetic in Asheville, NC). The band, led by lead guitarist Charlie Sexton, was superb. I can't imagine a better back up band in all of rockdom. And, Dylan is an American legend and icon. I have discovered that a Dylan concert is never a sure bet. What is certain, however, is that you can expect the unexpected. As a huge fan, especially since Blood on the Tracks in the 70's, it took me halfway through almost every song to figure out what number Dylan was playing. I know that can irritating to some, but I find it fascinating how he likes to scramble the formula for each song, no matter how sacred. As far as a Dylan concert goes, it was what it was.

3.0 star rating Phil Stewart from Seattle, Washington


I’ve seen him 4 times over the years and it’s always a challenge. I support his desire to restructure his songs and present his work in the manner that suits-him. His band, while not appearing to enjoy the evening, maintained a reverent and watchful eye on their leader and did a masterful job of playing unobtrusive and volume conscious. For all that though, I come to Dylan for the lyrics. It’s always been about his visions expressed through brilliant wordplay. Like I said, it’s always been a challenge. At the Paramount last night (6/1/22), from the front row at least, the challenge was not met. Yeah, my ears are getting old, I’ve heard a lot rocknroll, but try as I might, I could only make out some of his delivery. And that’s a drag. So it’s back to the records. I wish him well, he’s given us so much. But, maybe the Never Ending Tour, should end.

2.0 star rating Heidi from New York, New York


While I can't bring myself to give this musical genius a 1-star, it's probably a more accurate rating of this show. As other viewers have said, he was not interactive and barely intelligible. While he's always spoken much of the content in his songs, there was no attempt to sing at all. You could barely understand a word. Making it even more difficult was that the songs were rearranged to such an extent that they sounded like a parody of a Bob Dylan song, and you could not understand even the most well known songs. There was no audience acknowledgment at all. If you are considering purchasing tickets and have not already, I would save your money.

2.0 star rating Marylee from New York, New York


Thought I was in the "name this tune" show. Although Bob Dylan is an accomplished song writer and musician, he has little stage presence and maybe has no regard, really, as to what an audience would like to hear. He apparently changes up his songs to please himself but failed to entertain the rest of us. The band was rockin’ but what is the point of hearing the iconic artist of such wonderful songs go off into some alter musical reality? I love Bob Dylan but like a lot of renowned folks who hate to retire, it's simply time. Bye Bob, I'll continue to love your songs on recordings and not pay $200 for inarticulate, narcissistic machinations.

2.0 star rating Markus Perez from Houston, Texas


Sorry but you Dylan fans are probably not going to like this. That concert in Sugar Land, TX sucked. Dylan has always mumbled but it was difficult to make out anything he sang, especially when his band, which one can tell is very talented, drowned him out on half the songs (lead guitar). In addition, none of his songs sounded like any of the vinyl records I still own. It is fine to change things up and re-compose for a live audience but sheesh, you could tell he was in his seventies and just doesn't have it any longer. Can't believe we blew that much money on center seats orchestra. Absolutely cannot recommend seeing him. I'm a life long fan and just don't understand the other gaga reviews. The guy needs to retire. God knows he doesn't need the money.

2.0 star rating CDM from Houston, Texas


Not what you would hope for, nor expect. I would say disappointing, but nothing should be unexpected from Dylan. He has morphed himself so often over the years, changing styles and screwing around with songs until they're practically unrecognizable. It's a shame to me however. So many good songs, unsung, left of the set list. The ones he keeps, as said, changed and, unfortunately, not very good. Save your money. Listen to his old stuff and be happy with it.

2.0 star rating Larry Walker from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


I went to the Heinz Hall show in Pittsburgh with high hopes but low expectations. My expectations were barely met. After the show I came to this realization. Dylan doesn't give you what you want. He doesn't even try to figure out what you want and get it wrong. He doesn't care. He gives you what he wants - take it or leave it. I didn't like it but wasn't surprised.

2.0 star rating Scott Smith from Santa Barbara, California


The band was great...but, seriously, his voice is completely shot...and I would challenge anyone to tell me they could understand a word he uttered the entire evening. He's a legend....but, at 78, he's no performer. Sorry, that's the truth.

2.0 star rating Mike Lane from St. Louis, Missouri

STL 10.22.19

His band sounded good, his harmonica playing was still mostly good. I couldn't understand more than a few words that came out of his mouth, growling garbled noises was all I heard. I couldn't recognize any of his songs. It was still fun because it's been years since we have been to a concert. So if your just going for a good time you don't mind hearing all of his old songs changed into 12 bar blues that are mostly unrecognizable then go to the garden party you wont recognize his songs but you will know his name. "but it's alright now learned my lesson well ya see you can't please everyone so ya got to please yourself." He seemed to please only himself.

2.0 star rating Neal from East Northport,NY


My wife and I are big Dylan fans but last night was very disappointing. Unfortunately his voice is gone and he changed the arrangements so much it was hard to recognize any songs. The concert started around 8PM and was suppose to go til around 10 but my wife and I agreed and we left at 9

2.0 star rating L.L.Bowers from Tulsa, Oklahoma


This was my first and last Dylan concert. I expected him to perform songs from his last album Rough and Rowdy but not to the exclusion of at least some of the songs we’ve loved from him for decades. It was my first time seeing him live and I was very disappointed that he hid behind his piano and didn’t have much to say to an audience that was ready for him to pick up his guitar and take us through his many hit songs. His band was great but they drowned out his lyrics. When he was done he walked off and no one clapped for an encore.

2.0 star rating from New York, New York


I didn't see Bob at the Met or even New England but in Shreveport Louisiana and he sounded like Peter Frampton talk box except more like a Gazoo. I was warned I wouldn't understand him but I wasn't ready for this little man cowered in the back of the stage behind his Piano which was not a Grand as earlier mentioned. More Sunday school. I love this man's music but I would prefer to sit on the porch and shoot the breeze with him than Let him embarrass himself. An Icon made decades ago.

2.0 star rating Eric from Tacoma Washington


Mr Dylan had a good voice but was drowned out by the guitars. I couldn't here the words either. In all due respect. Keep on writing the great songs and retire the stage.

2.0 star rating Tamara Lynn from Boise, Idaho


Okay, I recognized 2 of the songs. Granted, many were new. I think I will blame the terrible acoustics on the sound engineers, but I could not make out more than 5 lines of what Bob was singing. The stage was lit in a spooking dim yellow/orange tint and the band was quite stiff. He didn't play guitar at all and stood behind an upright piano expect for one song where he stepped out. He didn't do an encore, which was a surprise.

2.0 star rating Deven from Salt lake city


I give Bob 5 stars and the show 1 star. I'm glad I went and saw him live. His body can no longer perform the way his mind and soul want to. His voice is strong but weak in articulation. He is to weak to stand and sing for the most part. His literary genius oozes from him and it was great to feel that in his presence. He's obviously doing his best with what he's got. That's better then anyone of us. A lesson in youth is wasted on the youth.

2.0 star rating Linda Potvien from Salt Lake City, Utah


Our cameras were locked up which was a good thing, as no one could visually see him nor understand his songs. I grew up in the same city as Bob and he was not the BobI loved and knew. I feel sorry for us fans who hoped for his old songs. He didn’t sing he talked. Gave him 2 stars because he stood up 2 times. Maybe it wasn’t him on that stage. I’m happy he’s still alive but it may be time to end the touring. Sorry Bob.

2.0 star rating Dr Judi Berson-Levinson from Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Due to terrible acoustics we could not understand one word and Dylan did not sing any of the songs that made him famous. One woman in the audience finally yelled out “Play something we know!” The concert was a waste of our time and a lot of money.

1.0 star rating Dave & Molly from Montreal, Quebec


Dylan has always been one of my favorites. This was the 3rd time seeing him in Montreal, I was ready for another treat. Had fabulous $$$ seats 100 feet from Bob. The lights came up and there was Bob dressed in white, standing in front of the black, grand piano banging out his first tune in a surprisingly low pitch, gravely voice. His guitar lay across a chair a few feet away with his white brimmed hat atop, We would never hear that guitar or see him with hat on. Instead he alternated playing old and new songs either sitting or standing at the piano then grabbing a mic stand at the back wall of the stage as far from his audience as possible as he crooned old American standards. I came to see Dylan play guitar and sing like he meant it. Not a single word was uttered to his fans, not a smile, not a nod. Between songs he shuffled to a table to get a drink, hanging on to equipment as he walked. He looked old and disinterested. What an utter disappointment for me and my girlfriend.

1.0 star rating P. A. C. from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


When the best part of your concert event is the newly renovated Met and the outstanding food at Osteria, you know it's going to be a bad night. A 60th birthday present from my daughter who is a singer and astute listener of all music. She knows how much I love Dylan's music and wanted to take me to see him for the first time. It was an utter embarrassment. Dylan voice itself was as good and raw it's always been but we couldn't understand a word as he mumbled and garbled every word. His arrangement changes on some songs such as Like a Rolling Stone, were shockingly discordant to the essence of the song. And for 1 hour and 30 minutes, as we sat hoping things would get better, he didn't muster one single word of welcome, thanks, or appreciation to his audience of 3,500. As we walked out on Bob 30 minutes early, he had me feeling badly for my daughter who certainly lost some respect for one of the musical heroes I spent years extolling. Bob my friend, it's time to retire.

1.0 star rating Ian Mitchell from New York, New York


First off I am not a huge fan of Dylan but I was still looking forward to seeing him. As soon as the concert started I was straining hard to understand him. I was hoping that he would get himself together and not mumble but that never happend and my friend and I walked out and were very upset. We were in the second balcony almost at the last row and still paid about 140 with taxes and "convenience" fees and Dylan was just terrible the whole time. I have never walked out of a concert before but I just had to this was a terrible experience and Dylan should be ashamed and Beacon Theatre art should consider refunding people.

1.0 star rating V from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania THE MET


I would have walked out but paid so much for excellent seats. We thought the sound would get better. You couldn’t understand ANYTHING he sang. Epic FAIL

1.0 star rating Annette from New York, New York


1st time seeing the iconic Bib Dylan. Didn’t recognize any of his hits. Didn’t understand any of the lyrics sung. He never said a word to the audience who paid too much money for his concert weeks before Christmas . Hey Bob....stop touring. And by the’re welcome for the donation to your already large bank account.

1.0 star rating Tribeca Fan from New York, New York


Have seen many great concerts at the Beacon. When the place gets rocking the energy fills the concert hall. Sorry to say it did not happen on Thursday Nov 27th show at the Beacon. Agree with much of what others had said. While it was wonderful to see the legend, it was a low energy show and many of those sitting in expensive seats around me left early.

1.0 star rating Christian from New York, New York


What a disaster it was last night at The Beacon. Please save your money. Terrible show. His voice was off and the band was way not as good as I remember. I barely knew 3 songs, my girlfriend one song. You suck Bob !

1.0 star rating Martha Moran from New York, New York


Completely devoid of any energy or effort on Dylan's part. Every single song was arranged the same, had the same tempo and the same (non) melody. It was incredibly boring. Dylan clearly put little to no effort into the show or the rearrangements of his greatest hits. He said not one word--no welcome, no thanks, did not introduce his (very good) band. I guess he's laughing all the way to the bank.

1.0 star rating Marc from Houston, Texas


Imagine Paul McCartney singing Helter Skelter as a country Ballad. How about The Rolling Stones singing Jumping Jack Flash as a '60s surfer number. How qbouaFrank Sanatra singing Shena is a Punk Rocker. Now imagine those shows being done without even acknowledging that an audience was there except to insult and intimidate you about not taking pictures. If you would like these shows, then you will like the current Bob Dylan show. The melody is so unimportant that there's no need to introduce the band.

1.0 star rating Mag Ranft from Columbus, Ohio


Very disappointed. Bob's back up band was great but overpowered the vocals. Favorite songs were rearranged so as to be almost unrecognizable and the "crooner" songs were bad. He lost most of the audience after about 4 songs...many left to avoid the end of concert rush. However, Mavis Staples was great! She waked up the crowd so that Bob could put them back to sleep.

1.0 star rating Sarah from Columbus, Ohio


If you attended Bob Dylan's concert last night at the Palace Theatre expecting to see a lounge act and almost unrecognizable versions of Desolation Row and Tangled Up in Blue then you got what you paid for. If, like me, you were hoping to see Bob with his harmonica and guitar playing Just Like a Woman, Don't think Twice it's Alright, Like a Rolling Stone, Knockin' on Heaven's Door...ANY of his songs - in their original arrangements - that define him as one of the best poets/storytellers/lyricists to ever live, then you were left absolutely heartbroken like me. Before going to the show, I had heard that for years Dylan hasn't been great live, that he doesn't acknowledge or interact with the audience, that he doesn't play many of his classics, so I guess I'm the fool for not listening to those comments and thinking my experience would be different. As I sit here today listening to live Dylan albums from '67, I can't help but cry for the artist I never got to see live. Mavis ROCKED.

1.0 star rating Liz from Salt Lake City, Utah


My hubby is an AVID Dylan fan, and I've been hearing his music against my will for 42 years. I only understood the lyrics to the 2 "ballads" he growled out. The band was so unbearably loud...the fans were either in 2 camps--rocking and rolling or falling asleep, despite the sound level. I know the dude is old, and seeing him in concert was a bucket list thing--but I had to leave early and escape to the lobby--where met about 20 other people like me who were unhappy with his show. I know he doesn't interact with the fans, didn't expect him to, but the whole thing just seemed very un professional and sloppy. One guitar was so out of tune I wanted to weep. The "warmup" Mavis was AMAZING!! Her, I could have listened to all night. The theartre is gorgeous and we will go to events there again. Not a bad seat in the house!!

1.0 star rating Susy from Milwaukee, Wisconsin


October 26th 2019 this was extremely disappointing show Bob Dylan does not interact with his audience at all his songs were unrecognizable if I could give this a 0 star rating I would have I would not recommend his show to anyone

1.0 star rating Julie from Akron, Ohio


My husband and I loved Bob Dylan songs of old and thought this would be a fun, nostalgic concert. We splurged for great seats in the 3rd row middle of Grand Tier. Honestly, I feel cheated on the entire evening. I could not understand one sentence this guy "sang". He grumbled and growled in his deep throaty tones. Not one song was familiar, not even one. There was no program. Maybe if the words were projected it would have been tolerable. He didn't even acknowledge the audience, with a hello, nothing at all! All in all, the evening was painful endurance of his performance! My Dylan should stop cheating his followers and hang it up!

1.0 star rating Don from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Dylan show last nite at Robert Morris was garbage. Not many people would pay to hear that a second time. Living off his past and name. I left couldn’t stand the mumbling of an 80 year old. Al least he still has hair on his head. First time I saw him was LA in 1976. That was great last nite was a joke. Be honest. Townes van dant would have heckled him none stop.

1.0 star rating H Barrero from New York, New York


Bad , cold, distant, monotonous. The legend is on, the singer is out. Very disappointment. He was a shadow walking of a dessert. He was lost. The best, the beautiful Beacon Building. Glorious space of beauty"

1.0 star rating Tracy from ROckville Centre, New York


Dylan sings , (mumbles) to please himself. So excited to hear him perform at the majestic Beacon theatre. The theatre outshined the performer! I recognized one song out of 18. He sings NOTHING to please his fans. Not one oldie but great. Could have been a great night with just his band. So truly disappointing. He’s a legend who sang like a nobody. He can still play the harmonica with feeling!

1.0 star rating from New York, New York


Terrible. The most disappointing concert I've seen. He butchered his songs; Dylan's "singing" was inaudible. He has a very strong supporting band that was clear constrained and restrained due to Dylan. He had no stage presence. A complete waste of money.

1.0 star rating Steve Mencik from Gambrills, Maryland


UMBC Event Center Nov. 2019. Bob's singing has always been suspect. Now it is just awful. Almost indecipherable. No interaction with the crowd whatsoever. A couple of times it look like he was about to fall over. His setlist had mostly songs only a very dedicated Dylan fan would recognize. The few tunes that were among his better known were arranged so differently, you'd hardly recognize them. Honestly, this is the worst concert I have ever been to for any artist. I was truly disappointed. It certainly was not worth the money and fighting the traffic at UMBC.

1.0 star rating Brenda from Knoxville, Tennessee


My husband loved and admired Bob Dylan. He passed away on November 10, 2020. So, I thought it would be fitting to attend his concert in Knoxville on November 10th, which also happened to be my birthday. I was so very disappointed. I couldn’t understand a word he was singing, the band was playing over him. The arrangements made the songs unrecognizable. I wanted to see Dylan play the guitar and the harp. I left after 6 songs. What a disappointment, he needs to give it up.

1.0 star rating Anna from Willow Street, Pennsylvania


My husband was anxious to see Bob Dylan. He knew we'd never have another chance. Sad to say that this is the most we ever spent on a concert and the only one that ever disappointed us. This was also the first time we left a concert early. We expected him to sing a few of his old hits like "Blowing in the Wind". It was all blues songs; hard to understand him; no audience connection. Give us the reasonably priced ticket s at Lancaster's American Music Theater and the great classic rock bands they get!

1.0 star rating Sabra from Albuquerque, New Mexico


I wish I had read all of these reviews before dropping $500 & driving 6hrs to see Dylan last night (3/6/22). They are ALL spot on. If you're tempted, as I was, to see this legend one more time before he retires - please heed my advice and that of the other reviewers - keep the legend alive as you remember him; stay home and listen to an old vinyl recording - save your time/money and memory of one of the greats. I honestly try to give Dylan a break - he is 80y/o afterall - but other than showing up - he didn't seem to care at all about his fans. He didn't play a single recognizable song, he paid nearly no attention to the audience, (the audience practically begged him to interact with them through their applause - he ignored us with the exception of walking out from behind the piano at the end of each song & a couple "Thank you's"), the venue security was so focused on stopping photographers that they distracted from every desperate effort people were making to enjoy the show.

1.0 star rating John Tournet from Columbia, SC


He was worse than awful. All these 'whoa dude' wannabe deep thinkers that worship him are sheep. Come on, his voice was always bad but we knew that so it wasn't a problem. He hid behind the piano player the whole time. His greatness was in the sixties and that's what we wanted to hear. He has to know this but chooses to play other indecipherable stuff. I'm sure if he reads this type of review he and his handlers will conclude these are the low thinkers who don't get it. We do get it but unfortunately you don't. $127.50 I'll never get back.

1.0 star rating BD Hu from New York, New York


Saw Dylan’s Albuquerque performance at the Kiva Auditorium. I‘m not a big fan and got tickets free, so I came in with no real expectations and every wish to enjoy whatever was on offer. I was still disappointed. It one of the most ridiculously bad concerts I’ve ever attended. As others here mention, Dylan didn’t say a word to the audience besides a muttered mention of the other musicians toward the end, but I wouldn’t have cared a bit about that if the performance had been interesting. Here, he didn’t play a single remotely familiar song. All stuff off his new album, I guess. Repetitive uninspired honkeytonky music and the most inane and self-indulgent lyrics possible (e.g., “Key West is THE best”). You could feel the audience collectively give up hope one hour in. Dylan is famously arrogant, but it appears he’s also boring and unethical now too. It’s a big deal for people in poor states like New Mexico, especially his largely over-60 fan base, to shell out for shows like this and then often to drive a couple of hours to reach the venue, but it seemed Dylan couldn’t care less. Since tickets to his whole tour probably sold out before the first reviews could be published anywhere, and since there likely never will be another tour, it looks like he decided to grab the money and give absolutely nothing to fans who have stayed with him over half a century.

1.0 star rating Joe from Birmingham, Alabama


I love music and song but what I witnessed last night at the Bob Dylan concert was like a dive bar band music there was no song only bad poetry being presided the music could have been better if they’re sound man had done his job couldn’t hardly hear Dylan and when you did it was bad. I’ve seen other bands at the BJCC concert hall and they were great sound vocals so I know it wasn’t the location. Dylan came out from behind the piano a few times and he had to hold onto the microphone the man didn’t look like he should even be there. So it makes me wonder who is making him do these so called shows and why he is too frail to be doing a grueling tour his voice seems to be gone and his sound man didn’t even help him out. His band was the best thing there was for the so called show.

1.0 star rating Justmud now from Tulsa, Oklahoma


Been a huge fan since the third grade. Finally gat to see him in Tulsa 2022 and absolutely positively for sure horribly let down. W0W he really let me down. I was so psyched to see him live.. especially with aa very expensive up front seat and what a major beer. One hour and forty minutes of fraud. Not one classic song. I will not count serve somebody. Avoid his concerts.and you'll continue to like him

1.0 star rating from Portland, Oregon


Almost 2 hours of Bob Dylan talking/vocalizing, not singing. Every “song” sounded the same, not one BD hit the whole night. No energy, not a word to the audience, band that used the same basic beat and sound on every song, and (again) not ONE epic Bob Dylan hit. Felt embarrassed for him but more for the audience. Dylan is milking his career and ripping off his fans for more money; doesn’t he have enough? Worst concert in my lifetime. No encore either, but that was probably better for everyone.

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